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  1. tattyxheart

    really weird..

    well this is kinda random/weird..but on my armpit a longgg time ago i had this weird little bump on it. it had like a tiny black dot on i thought it was like a trapped hair or whatever in it. i figured it would go away and it never has, and just today i was looking in the mirror and i...
  2. tattyxheart

    challenge FOTD

    This is from a challenge I did, it was "eternal youth" i guess we had to look like a little girl, innocent, playful...whatever. I think I ended up looking more like a cracked out whore/80's kid though! haha, you go. for your enjoyment
  3. tattyxheart

    ehh EOTD

    first time posting one here on specktra. felt like posting what i wore today...only the pics were taken at the end of the day so it's kinda ehh looking now. oh well! sorry if i don't post these right btw, i don't know if i'm gonna be doing this correctly... i used: prep+prime eye ccb in hush...
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  5. tattyxheart

    face makeup

    i'm a total newbie when it comes to face makeup. i'm good with eye makeup like eyeshadow, paints, ccb, stuff like that. but not when it comes to face makeup. help me out here! what exactly are all these products & what are they used for? foundation, concealer, etc. etc. about 2 years ago i...
  6. tattyxheart

    question about palettes.

    i've been reading a lot recently about the palettes & depotting eyeshadows. i'm thinking about giving it a try. i know you can get them at the pro there any way i can get them online or something? i saw them online before somewhere but i don't remember where anymore! i know what they...