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  1. GlamYOURUs

    The Next Face of L'Oreal - L'Oreal Get Noticed Challenge

    Hello everyone! Not sure if you remember me since we have a lot of new members since I last left a couple of years ago. But I would like to ask a favor from you all. I am participating in the L'Oreal Get Noticed/New Face challenge and just as my signature (and title) says, I would like...
  2. GlamYOURUs

    FAKE MAC website

    I tried to do a search on spectra to see if there was any mention of this site, but the search didn't come up with anything. But if this is being repeated, I do apologize in advance. FAKE! I don't need to elaborate any further because the...
  3. GlamYOURUs

    Nude/Beige BLUSHES for NC25-35

    I noticed I don't have any in my blush collection and I want something that is subtle and muted for everyday. I would like to try one but I don't know any by names. What would you recommend? Thanks! I am not looking for it to contour with. I am simply looking for a light blush. Blushbaby is...
  4. GlamYOURUs

    Rollickin' vs Otherworldly p/p

    Your pick? And why?
  5. GlamYOURUs

    Im just not that into you anymore...

    MAKEUP. Im done with it. I have been done with it for a long while now. I don't touch the huge stash I have anymore. But I hate knowing that its there bc of how much I have accumulated over the years and now its a waste. I hardly wear anything. I wanted to freelance on the side which is why I...
  6. GlamYOURUs

    Hello Kitty Vanity Case Dupe/Alternative

    So I have been watching 12 of the HK vanity items on ebay and most of them have gone well above $50 and its retail price. So I decided NOT to buy it b/c to me, its not worth that much and Im not much of a HK fan even though I thought this collection was cute. But thats it, its just cute. So I...
  7. GlamYOURUs

    How many Blushes do you own?

    MAC? Other Brands? and WHY so many or so little? Yes there is a reason for this thread: I am making this thread to make myself feel better
  8. GlamYOURUs

    MAC Pro

    I know this may have been asked several times but I have searched for the past hour and couldn't find what I was looking for. So with limited patience, I am making this thread. lol What is the MAC pro phone number where you can call and put in orders? Also how much are the empty MAC pro blush...
  9. GlamYOURUs

    Mineralized Blushes

    How the hell do you make them stay on? They have such great color intensity but a ***** to stay on! Ugh Any suggestions?
  10. GlamYOURUs

    Fake 180?

    I am not sure ONLY b/c I bought it off on ebay. And I haven't seen the 180 brush before this so I can't compare. But the brush looks legit and also feels sooo soft, like incredibly soft. Not as soft as my 183 but its pretty much on the nail. I just need help b/c my 183 and 182 say China usually...
  11. GlamYOURUs

    Black Base

    Whats your fav? I haven't tried sharkskin soley b/c I don't like the texture of shadesticks. I don't like paints either b/c they tend to be drying and for me, shadows don't blend too well BUT I think I found a new love for them b/c Graphito is a lot creamier and softer than bare canvas or the...
  12. GlamYOURUs

    Harmony OR Emote

    For contouring? I am NC35 and I can't decide what I like more. I just bought Emote from my CCO after hearing great things about it. I have had Harmony for years and I do like it but I feel its warmer and Emote is darker. Ahh Idk. What do you use and what coloring are you?
  13. GlamYOURUs

    CoC Gift Sets??

    So when I was at the counter today I noticed that there were CoC gift sets in a beaker. :\ I picked one up and each of them had a quad, a lipstick, and a gloss. Others were mixed in with nail lacquers and such. And they were freakin $70 each!! I also noticed that the packaging was that of a...
  14. GlamYOURUs

    CoC Makeover - 8/30 - Spiced Chocolate

    I did it! And I love the outcome! My MA Margo did the Russian Red face chart but used So Scarlet on my lips instead b/c I insisted to. Enjoy! Face: Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 Fast Response Eye Cream (love this stuff!) Studio Stick Foundation NC35 Studio Stick Concealer NW25 Studio Fix NC40...
  15. GlamYOURUs

    Electro p/p changing color? :\

    I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me in any way but I could have sworn my electro p/p was a tad brighter when I had bought it. It seems so much lighter now, almost like a light blue, cornflower blue color. I always keep them in storage with the lid on tight. What could be the result of this...
  16. GlamYOURUs

    BEBE Maxi Sweater Summer Dress

    What do you think for $50?
  17. GlamYOURUs

    Sephora Only MUFE Flash Color Pots

    I wanna try one but I don't know how great of a base they make. What do you think of them? Do they crease? Are they bright? What colors do you recommend if you had to pick 3?
  18. GlamYOURUs

    The 182 or the 183, or both? lol

    I do have both. I bought the 182 a year ago and I love it. But I went to my CCO yday and found the 183 for $28! I had to get it. Its soooo soft, softer than my 182. But what would you use this brush for? Blush? Powder? Foundation? Buffing in all 3? And I think I seen Stephen Moleski (sp?)...
  19. GlamYOURUs

    My Recent Haulage (MAC, CCO, Vegas Pro)

    Full For You plushglass Pink Grapefruit lipglass Vasanti Duo Concealer in O2 Studio Fix Powder NC40 Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Silky Eye Shadow in Lights Out (metallic forest green) 183 Brush from CCO for $28! Sonic Chic - Gentle, Love Thing, Merrily Neon Pigment in Full Force Violet...
  20. GlamYOURUs

    Is this a BCBG dress?

    I can't seem to find any pics EXCEPT this one on the net of Kim K wearing this dress... I love this dress! And when I was outlet shopping today I stopped in at BCBG and I think I saw it! I even tried it on. lol But it was $200. Which isn't that bad but since I don't have that money to dish...