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  1. michelle :)

    nervous - 2 EOTD/of corset

    im nervous to show ya what i've got - you girls are amazing but i wont get better without constructive criticism - so feel free to throw some my way ... EOTD 1: EOTD 2: LOVING OF CORSET yeah my brows were unruly so i cropped close...
  2. michelle :)

    do you think MA's make the MAC experience?

    i think they do, well of course they do ... i have a freestanding store and i only go to buy the pans, and pigments and stuff i cant pick up at my counter. other than that, my counter gets ALL my business. the people at the counter are so great! i know them all by name ... i'd rather depot all...
  3. michelle :)

    goldenaire pigment

    can you say deckchair part II? totally disappointed! i've been looking forward to this collection for a long time ... im going to take it back tomorrow....