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  1. janette9687

    MAC haul

    Where did you find the big canister?!? I’ve only seen and have the small one. Got lucky and got it at a CCO. I recently got a 159 brush from Poshmark and I almost thought it was fake. I don’t remember the shape being like this maybe I’m confusing it for the 131. All these years and Mac still...
  2. janette9687

    Resolution Mindful Buy 2023

    I did pretty well when it came to makeup buying in the past few years after I started my low buy. Particularly in 2017–2021, I was moving a lot and really busy with my job, so I wasn't really wearing makup, and I donated a lot. Now, I am back in graduate school and have gotten back to makeup. I...
  3. janette9687

    MAC Discontinued Natural Hair Brushes - new in sleeve

    130SH, 168SH 129SH 190SH 224SH are your SH from limted edition holiday sets or orginal line? I am intrested in the orginal line 168 222 221 272 PLMK, Thank you!
  4. janette9687

    MAC Discontinued Natural Hair Brushes - new in sleeve

    Do you have any of the brushes left?
  5. janette9687

    Hakuhodo - makers of MAC brushes

    when I went to Hiroshima to the hakuhodo counter I looked the g5519 and b505 they're really dense I may decide to pick one up since they're very pricey but I also want the kokutan brushes I took pics of them. I did a comparison and the larger one is the same as the k001 it just has a blend of...
  6. janette9687

    Hakuhodo - makers of MAC brushes

    HI everyone! I have been absent from this thread but I am back in Japan! I finally took the plunge to go to the flagship store in Hiroshima, it's really neat because it's also their factory. It looks completely like a house instead. It's in the small town of Kumuno so I took the long way and...