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  1. cinnamongurlee

    similar to latte lick (tastetease collection)?...

    i discovered that my favorite nude gloss (latte lick) has gone rancid. makes we wish that i had worn it more before it turned. now that i am without this gorgeous lippie, i am on the lookout for a replacement. off the top of your head, can you steer me towards a close match to this shade?
  2. cinnamongurlee

    conceal palettes and skincare up on

    i am really excited about these as well as the danse collection. i can't wait to see it all in person!
  3. cinnamongurlee

    Viva Glam VI - quite soft (with update from MAC)

    within a 5 days, i found my lipstick starting to lean. i discovered that it is broken at the base. luckily i managed to salvage it and have to bring up the lipstick just a wee bit, and apply it gingerly. so yes...this lipstick is a wee bit softer than other lustres. i have never had this...
  4. cinnamongurlee

    logging in...

    hi there, after the hacking, i have had many problems with the site keeping me logged in. i click to automatically log me in for every visit to the site. however, i have to log in every single time i want to post. frankly, i am starting to get a little wiggy about it prior to the hacking...