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  1. triccc

    Eyebrow threading vs. waxing

    Has anyone had eyebrow threading done? Is it better or longer lasting than waxing? pros/cons? thanks!
  2. triccc

    New Kids On The Block Making A Comeback

    New Kids On The Block Stage Comeback - NKOTB, New Kids on the Block, Music News : This should be funny, since all of them look like crap now..except for Jordan. Who has always been the hot one in the boy band.
  3. triccc

    Favorite Online Clothing Store

    What are some of your favorite places to shop for clothing online? right now I like
  4. triccc

    Bi polar

    I always knew I had an anger problem. But now I think I am actually bi polar. It went from me getting angry at dumb things to me getting horrible moodswings. I think it is getting worse. I thought it could also be my hormones just going crazy from just having a baby (7 months ago) But I...
  5. triccc


    Ok, so I am back out hunting for a job, it's now time for me to get out and help out with the bills again! And there is one job I really want and another job(I don't want as much) I know I will be offered. I am most likely going to be offered the one I don't like before the one I really really...
  6. triccc

    MAC - In 3D - August 07

    3d lipglass - Optical ebay seller fran24112
  7. triccc

    Movie theatre etiquette

    I usually DO NOT see movies at 7 o'clock on opening night because of rude obnoxious people in the theatre, but I actually went last night to the opening of 1408. and I probably won't do that again. I swear people need to follow some simple ass rules so EVERYONE can enjoy the movie they paid to...
  8. triccc

    Commercials you hate

    I hate basically all of the Axe Bom chika wah wah commercials. they drive me crazy.
  9. triccc

    believed to be fake

    this is supposedly a violet/purple mineralize e/s called 'whim' when whim is supposed to be a soiree pink powder blush from the novel twist collection, not out yet. Link.
  10. triccc

    dustin diamond

    i swear. i hate him so much. he acts like such an inconsiderate asshole on celebrity fit club,. i can't believe how much of a tough guy he likes to pretend to be.. as soon as he feels threatened, a second doesn't go by before he mentions his lawyer. If i was ever in a dark alley with him, I...
  11. triccc

    I torture my cats

    what's a girl with messy hair to do when she is bored?? Take pictures with your kitties! this is Chester and Monroe
  12. triccc


    Fido the Film This movie looks hilarious, it opens in U.S. theatres tomorrow. Anybody going to see it?
  13. triccc

    First words

    I was wondering what were your children's first word(s) and how old they were when they said them.
  14. triccc

    Mass Killing in Southern Wisconsin

    Quote: DELAVAN, Wis. - A domestic dispute erupted into a mass killing in southern Wisconsin, leaving six people, including two infant boys, shot to death, and a 2-year-old girl with a gunshot to her chest, authorities said. ADVERTISEMENT A prosecutor said late Sunday that no one was in...
  15. triccc

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    I love these movies! Anybody planning on seeing the 3rd installment (At World's End)?
  16. triccc

    My latest haul!

    A few days ago from Strange Hybrid, I got: Jardin Aires pigment Petalpoint Blush Rose Blanc E/S And today I went to a CCO near my home that I haven't been to yet. (no idea why since it's right by my house!) And I picked up Prep + Prime Face Waternymph e/s (which looks awesomeee!) Lavender...
  17. triccc

    Rec a Pink E/S For Me!

    I want to stop in and pick up a pink e/s. I am a NW15. which ones do you guys just looove?
  18. triccc

    First FOTD!

    I am bored at home and decided to play. weee! photos are kind of crappy. sorry in advance! with flash what i used for my eyes Mac Passionate e/s Mac Whistle e/s Mac Hepcat e/s Mac Nocturnelle e/s Mac Nylon e/s Mac blacktrack F/l NYC mascara
  19. triccc

    another newbie here!

    Hi everyone! I'm new from florida! I see this site as being another addiction!