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  1. fmindik

    Pro pan 1.3g??

    I bought some pro pan e/s today. When I came home I realized that Flashtrack is 1.3 g and Tempting and Sketch are 1.5g. I already opened it and put it in my palette. We cant return things here . Do you think is it old? I hope I posted this in correct forum
  2. fmindik

    LLL + Pigments

    Hi! I love xsparkage's FOTD with Auto Orange LLL with Rose Pigment. I want to try LLL with pigments. I have amber eyes and NW20 skin. Do you have any recommendations please? Thank you!
  3. fmindik

    Precise blending brush

    Hi! Since my 217SE brush became too fluffy I cant blend eyeshadows properly, they went to places that I dont want. I have 219 but I use it on outer v, and I want something softer and precise, any recommendations for me? Thank you so much
  4. fmindik

    Any recommendations for this makeup?

    Hi , I love this makeup, but I dont know how to achieve that, any help? I know satin taupe doesnt look like that on me, I'm NW20, Thanks so much!!
  5. fmindik

    My first FOTD here :)

    Hi everyone, I'm in the Netherlands. I've been observing your beautiful FOTDs and tutorials for a long time and learnt lots of things, thank you so much . Here are my two FOTDs, a summer time and a winter time. CC is welcome Summer Mod: FACE: Diorskin sculpt foundation Guerlain sheer bronzing...