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  1. kelly2509t

    Worried About Giving Head

    Just wanted a lil' advice. I lost my V plates so to speak around a month ago so I'm still very inexperienced. The man has hinted a few time about me giving him oral when I'm comfortable, and don't get me wrong I'm very comfortable having sex with him but I just still don't feel comfortable about...
  2. kelly2509t

    EOTD: Volcano Inspired!

    I haven't been able to work thanks to this ash cloud currently cover the UK and most of Northern Europe. Therefore to stop myself being bored I decided to dedicate a look to the Volcano in questions! Enjoy Products Used - MAC Painterly PaintPot - NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk - MAC...
  3. kelly2509t

    MAC Perfume....

    Just a quick question. Do any of MAC's perfumes smell like the signature vanilla scent? Would love to have the scent in a perfume!
  4. kelly2509t

    Kelly's Gone Harajuku! *PICTURE HEAVY*

    I have indeed! Bit of a crazy look compared to what I usually do. This was for a competition I enter which was to great a look based one Harajuku style. Love how it turned out, apart from the fact I forgot to apply mascara! Don't ask how I forgot, I have no clue Products Used.... Face -...
  5. kelly2509t

    My First MAC Palette

    Finally I caved in and got a 15 pan palette and treated myself to four eyeshadows. Can't wait to fill this baby up now. If there are any shadows you think I need let me know L-R: Blanc Type, All That Glitters, Satellite Dreams and Scene. Oh and a sharpener (I wanted free shipping!)
  6. kelly2509t

    I Can't Help Myself I Keep Playing With Fire

    Really happy with how this turned out! CC as always are welcomed and appreciated Products Used: - MAC Painterly Paint Pot - MAC Fresh Cut Palette - Sleek Sunset Palette - Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero - Avon SuperShock Mascara
  7. kelly2509t

    Project Bake!

    I decided to bake a few cakes and thought I'd share with you guys: Yummy! Butterfly Cakes and Rock Cake. They both tasted very good There are more pictures on my blog if you wanted too see anymore!
  8. kelly2509t

    Grey MAC Shadow....

    Ok I need more help now, and I know you guys are great at recommending things. I want a Grey MAC shadow but I'm stuck between 3 at the moment. I'm just too indecisive. Out of the three which on would you choose? - Print - Silver Ring - Knight Devine I'll be using the shadow in my crease or...
  9. kelly2509t

    Vanilla or Brule?

    If you could only own one of these which one would it be? I can't decide help me
  10. kelly2509t

    Grey Tights?

    Hoping someone could help me. I brought some grey tights the other day randomly but have not got a clue what to wear them with. You probably think I'm a doughnut because it going to be obvious what to wear them with, but I just can't think of anything. Thanks for the help in advance
  11. kelly2509t

    Purple Makes Me Happy!

    It does indeed! So to cheer myself up what better thing to do that play with purple eyeshadow Products Used: - MAC Painterly Paint Pot - No.7 Purple Smokey Eyeshadow Palette - Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner in Zero - Avon SuperShock Mascara Hope you like! CC as always is welcome
  12. kelly2509t

    Just another haul....

    I know I should be spending money on Christmas presents, but it won't hurt treating myself to a thing or two (or three, four...) First my Westfield goodies (and a shadow from a blog sale). I was very good I didn't buy much make up in London. believe me I could have! [L-R]Sleek Sunset Palette...
  13. kelly2509t

    ...but baby it's cold outside

    I've posted a few FOTD but this is far my favourite I have done. I'm not one for red lips but I love it here. Hope you like, CC are appreciated as normal Products Used: Face: - Revlon Colourstay (Normal/dry skin) in Ivory - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Peachy Glow - Elf Stuido Bronzer...
  14. kelly2509t

    Post your Christmas Decorations...

    YAY it's finally that time of the year where we get to decorate our houses with all thinks tacky...and yes I love it Currently my tree is looking like this... But it's getting decorated tomorrow and I'm excited. I'm such a big kid. This year I am going for a fun multi-coloured look. In...
  15. kelly2509t

    My Nail Polish Collection

    I'm sure 5 months ago I only had a few. My nail polishes must be having babies! Sure I didn't buy them *cough cough* Ok I lied...every time I go shopping I end up bringing home a new addition to the collection. Currently I have 43, I'm sure that will expand! Anyway onto the pictures... Pinks...
  16. kelly2509t

    House of Fraser Sale...

    Does anyone know whether the sale will include MAC products? There's a MAC counter at my local House of Fraser so was just wondering.
  17. kelly2509t

    Airline Inspired EOTD

    Really it should be EOTN (Eye of the night) considering this was created at 1am. I didn't wanna sleep so I decided to decorated my right eye This was inspired by the airline I worked for over the summer and I quite like how it turned out. Tried some stuff I don't normally do like winged...
  18. kelly2509t

    Collective Haul... :D

    Some random goodies I've picked up in the past couple of weeks! Elf: Got some goodies from the studio, mineral and regular line. Back row L-R: Berry Merry Blush, Pebble Eye Shadow (Both from studio line) Nicely Nude L/S, Natural Nymph L/S (Both from mineral line) Front of picture: Baby Lips...
  19. kelly2509t

    Since it's grey and gloomy outside...

    ...I thought bright, summer-esque eyes were defiantly the way to go! Products Used: Eyes: - MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - Buttercup e/s (From FrontCover palette) - Carrot e/s (From FrontCover palette) - Bright Pink from BeautyUK palette no.2 - Inner Eye highlight (light yellow) from BeautyUK...
  20. kelly2509t

    Naked Pigment where are you...?

    That is my question, where are you? Is Naked being discontinued? It's no longer on the UK website (However is on the US one) but they still have it on display at my local counter, none left though sad times! The MUA didn't know either if it was being d/c so wondering if anyone here knew what...