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  1. XsheXscreamsX

    What to wear with holidazzle l/s?

    I just got holidazzle lipstick, and i cant think of anything to pair it with. What type of eyes do you wear it with, and what blush. I am scared to look like a clown pictures would be great as well!
  2. XsheXscreamsX

    ice box eyeshadow

    I just bought ICE BOX eyeshadow on ebay. It was buy it now 29.99 (+ 4.00 shipping) I got so excited i didnt think wether it was a good deal or not, and just bought it. what do you guys think?? I am having a little buyers remorse now. herers the link, just to see how pretty it is...
  3. XsheXscreamsX

    What is this!?!?!?!?! A large size eyeshdow... (i know they used to actually make them) buuuut these are terrible fakes. Even the packaging looks odd. its shiny. YUCK! and look at the buy it now prices the seller has on other ones...
  4. XsheXscreamsX

    teachers with tattoos???

    I have wanted a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist for so long now. And for my birthday my boyfriend said that is what he wanted to get me. I am just worried that it will affect me getting a job down the road. I want to be a teacher (highschool) and i am starting school in the spring...
  5. XsheXscreamsX

    show off your pets! -ALL pet pictures go here-

    Besides my love of makeup, i looooove my kitty. Lets see some pictures of your beloved pets. This is jeff, and yes i like to dress him up. does he like it?, not so much. hahaha
  6. XsheXscreamsX

    I like it bold!

    heres my FOTD today. I really like it i used: eyes: chrome yellow inner, bitter inner, waternymph outer, meadowland outer, beauty marked in crease, and gesso highlight. cheeks: stereo rose MSF and dolly mix blush Lips: Bombshell l/s, valentines lipgelee p.s. my button fell off...
  7. XsheXscreamsX

    which brush is better... 180 or 182??

    I am looking to buy a buffer brush. I was wondering which everyone perfers the 180 or the 182. Do you use them for the same things?? if not what do you use each for? Thanks!!!
  8. XsheXscreamsX

    yella and orange

    this was a quick one, but it looks ok used: eyes: UDPP as base, corn s/s over UDPP, chrome yellow inner, peppier above c.r., ruby red pigment upper lid, and embark on crease cheeks: NARS orgasm blush, and new vegas skinfinish Lips: Strawberry blonde l/s and pink grapefruit l/g
  9. XsheXscreamsX

    1st FOTD here! purpley smokey!!!

    poppin the FOTD cherry. eyes: UDPP base, pinkopal pig & nylon e/s inner, parfait amor outer, creme de violet above crease, beauty marked crease, gesso & nylon higlight. Blacktrack f/l and zoomlash mascara Lips: concealer (my lips are really red), pink freeze l/s and Oi Oi Oi l/g...
  10. XsheXscreamsX

    live chat about Zandra Rhodes collection

    she want too much help, but in case anyones wondering about the z gloss and the palette coming back theres a little info here: info: Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Sara. How may I assist you? lacy: Hi sara, i had a question about the zandra rhodes palette...
  11. XsheXscreamsX

    plushglass postcard??????

    i know there is a plushglass postcard from asia, but i have never seen it. can someone post what it looks like. i love lip postcards and i am excited to see this one!!! TIA!
  12. XsheXscreamsX

    are you MAC monogamous??

    I am very attrcated to mac. I love everything about the products. I have soooo many other brands of makeup, from Urban decay to Benefit to makeup forever. With all this other stuff, i NEVER use it! even though there are colors that would look fabulous, i always end up using my mac. Its like...
  13. XsheXscreamsX

    My Mac Collection (one years worth of stuff)

    time to post my collection. I have only been collecting for exactly one year. It isnt huge, but its slowly getting there. Another day i will post the rest of my high end collection. Enjoy! from left to right... pickle, bitter, empty, pro teal, contrast sprout, metamorph, meadowland, zonk...
  14. XsheXscreamsX

    very sudden extreme breakouts!!!

    this post is referring to my boyfriend... Ever since we have been together he has had pretty decent skin, with only a few pimples here or there. He started a new job two weeks ago, where he is doing pretty strenuous manual labor. He works 12 hour shifts and is sweating the entire time. After...
  15. XsheXscreamsX

    what perfume makes you sick to smell...yuck!

    Ever had a perfume you thought was nice, but after wearing it, it just made you nauseous ? or just a gross smelling perfume? Mine is Ralph by Ralph Lauren. eeech. it wasnt even that it smelled bad. It just was too over powering.
  16. XsheXscreamsX

    covering very pigmented lips

    i naturally have very red pigmented lips. i have a hard time wearing a lot of amazing colors becuase they are too light and look funny over a dark lip color. lately i have been putting concealer over my lips and then a nice neutral color on top.(the concealer is just covergirl and very watery)...
  17. XsheXscreamsX


    hi!! long time makeup addict, but new here! i know i will find lots to inhance my addictions!