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  1. KIT

    Sephora's Ultimate Blockbuster Pallette

    Tried making a search to see if this was already asked but no luck. Anyone have a review on this? Im not really big on huge pallettes, but this one seems interesting to me. I've been thinking about getting it for a couple of seasons now, but just not sure. thanks for your thoughts in advance...
  2. KIT

    Free $500 Mac kit

    I got an email from "MAC" giving away a kit that is worth $500. It starts asking some info, and im scared to fall into a trap. Did anyone get an email like this? it came from MAC" <[email protected]>
  3. KIT

    You proposing to HIM?

    What do u ladies think of that? Some people say it takes away his moment..but let me tell u my story. Sorry if it runs a little long... Ive been with my boyfriend for 10 years, im 25 he's 27 and we have a 3 year old son. We live with is parents since he got laid off and we have to pay for...
  4. KIT

    All Over Gloss-Astonish

    So i bought this not really knowing what it was or how to use it, so when i tried applying it to my lids it felt super greasy and gross. never used it since. Can any of u lovely gals tell me what to use it for and how to apply it? Thanks
  5. KIT

    Launch Party

    So im going the MAC Launch party this saturday in my area, and its at nordstroms. Does this mean, i can not use my Pro Card if i choose to purchase? I've never been to one, so whats it like? Thanks
  6. KIT

    Conair Facial Spa

    i have been majorly breaking out, and i think its from stress and tanning (just tried it, and will never do it again). a co-worker offered me her Conair-The facial Spa. Anyone ever try this?? She said it may make me break out a little more, but thats because its cleaning out ur pores. which i...
  7. KIT

    8 days till wedding

    My mother is getting married on Friday 7/24, and for some reason, i am breaking out in this one small area around my mouth. Its like they are having a Tea Party or something. I have those deep pimples, that never really come out, just blow up under your skin, and ache. I also have some scars...
  8. KIT

    What shoes??

    Okay going to a wedding this month, This is my dress. Its an outside wedding, with a tropical theme, and its during the day..Any shoe suggestions???? Heres the Link: Dresses for Women: Dresses | Abstract Printed Strapless | The Limited Sorry it wont let me post the pic. Thanks
  9. KIT

    Healthy Choice

    With half the people here, I also have baby weight to lose. My son is 2 going on 3, and i still weigh approx: 138, compared to 120. I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy-lesson learned. I have been trying to to eat breakfast which i normally dont, and eating the frozen dinners -Healthy Choice-...
  10. KIT

    MAC Loose Powder

    How is it comapred to lower end brands. I am thinking about purchasing one from MAC but im not quit sure. Although i love MAC for their eyeshadows, lippies, blushes, etc..i dont really use their face products as much. Any suggestions and thoughts will be very helpful... Thanks friends.
  11. KIT

    Quick Question

    Am I able to use PPID on E/s Quads? Thanks
  12. KIT

    Something to brighten up eyeshadow

    I've heard of something that you put on before you apply your e/s that brings out the color of the eyeshadow and makes it really bright. I think its sold a Sephora. Anyone know what it is? Thanks
  13. KIT

    Buying collections

    About how much money do you guys normally spend when you buy from a collection? Do you normally buy everything just to have?
  14. KIT

    Mac e/s

    I am going to put in an order tomorrow and i wanted to know what you guys thought of these colors, since you really cant tell the true color on the website: Canary yellow Humid Deep Truth Beauty Marked Burnt Orange Also, what liner goes well with Ruby Roo? One last thing, what brush is best to...
  15. KIT

    Nu Brow-by Ananstasia

    anybody try this yet? Its at Sephora and its supposed to thicken your brows, but its clear. Anybody try it yet? i think its interesting, but then again to good to be true. Thanks, KIT
  16. KIT

    this seasons trend

    whats this seasons trend/colors? Thanks, Kit
  17. KIT

    Coutoure richmental highlighter

    anybody try iy?
  18. KIT

    mardi gras lashes

    im going to a mardi gras themed party this saturday. Does anyone know where i can find some fun eyelashes in california?. I bright colored ones, maybe eveb feathers...I even need a cool makeup look. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  19. KIT

    oily skin help

    what foundation and powder do ya'll recommend for oily skin? Thanks, kit
  20. KIT

    facial cleansers

    can someone please tell me a few good facial cleansers for sensitive/combination skin? some that are highend.....thanks