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  1. Lizzie

    Lizzie's Summer FoTD Contest entry!

    Summer in San Francisco! Eyes: Vanilla Eyeshadow Soft Brown Eyeshadow Aquadisiac Eyeshadow Club Eyeshadow Carbon Eyeshadow Black Black Chromaline Lashes #34 and #44 Face: Studio Fix Fluid in NC30 Prolongwear Concealer in NW15 MSF in Medium Plus...
  2. Lizzie

    I miss specktra! Before &After Natural-ish Smoky + Super Bright

    Before... After... Face (for both): Photo Finish Primer (green) RCMA Foundation w/ thinner MAC Blot Powder in Medium MAC Hush CCB MAC Cantaloupe Blush Eyes: MAC Quite Natural PP Vanilla Soft Brown Espresso Typographic Carbon Blacktrack (no name) lashes cut in half Lips: MAC...
  3. Lizzie

    Graduation FOTD + Michelle Obama!

    Here are some pictures from graduation. I felt I should share, although I sweated a lot and messed up my makeup . It was really hot (over 100 degrees!!), and security was really over the top, but it was still a really awesome day! The Goods: MUFE HD foundation, mac blot powder in medium...
  4. Lizzie

    Is anyone from the SF Bay Area going to the IMATS in LA this year?

    I'm really interested in going, but would have no one to go with! So, I thought, who would be better to go to the IMATs with than a specktra member?! Or many speckra members, as the case may be. Would there be anyone interested in going as a group? Advanced ticket prices are through May 17th...
  5. Lizzie

    Soft Purple Eyes and Fresh Face Before and After

    My lovely model, Faith: After: The Goods: Strobe Lotion, RCMA foundation, MAC color correcter (green and peach), MAC concealer, TFSI, Parfait Amour, Typographic, Viz a Violet, Blacktrack, Vanilla, Fascinating Kohl, Ardel lashes, Omega and Anastasia Brow Powder in Brunette 2, Gentle...
  6. Lizzie

    The 1st (of my many) cut crease attempts that I actually wore outside!

    It wasn't a good picture day, so it's just the eye The Goods: TFSI, Corn Shadestick, Bold as Gold and Shockwave(?) [the yellow and coral colors from Fafi Eyes II], Climate Blue, Sketch, Vanilla, Blacktrack, Brunette 1 from an Anastasia Brow Kit, and an old pair of Ardells that I found in my...
  7. Lizzie

    I'm Graduating in May & Need Makeup Advice!

    I'm broke, so I can't really justify buying a new dress (especially since it's going to be under a gown most of the time) so I'm just going to wear things I already own. I need suggestions for how to do my makeup because I don't want to match my dress, but I don't know if I should be wham bam...
  8. Lizzie

    Bright Green and Blues with Pink Glittery Lips...I'm "shopping my stash!"

    I miss you all sooo much! The flash really washed out the colors in the close up. I wish I had a fancy camera! The Goods: MUFE HD foundation, Medium blot powder, TFSI, Delft pp, Sour Lemon es, Mood Ring es, Cool Heat es, Deep Truth es, Soft Brown es, Vanilla es, Espresso es (brows)...
  9. Lizzie

    [Long time no post!] FOTD of my lovely Mother

    I've been trying to get back to basics. I practice on anyone I can get my hands on. Skin has been my main focus as of late. Also, she has black tattoo makeup that has gone a bit green/gray on her. Face and Body, various Temptu concealers from a wheel, MAC's green and peach color correctors...
  10. Lizzie

    I dyed my hair a while ago (back to my roots!)

    ...but I haven't posted a picture yet! So, this isn't as much about the makeup; the pictures were taken at the end of the day. The Goods: Face &Body in C4, Cantaloupe (love!), Petticoat, Espresso, UDPP, Vanilla, Zero (UD), Soft Brown, Haux, Smolder, Zoom Lash (now you guys know why I'm...
  11. Lizzie

    Natural Look Before &After: A friend who never wears makeup...

    ...but I may have converted her! &I had to throw this one on...can you believe her eyelashes? I'm suuuper envious! THE GOODS: BE Foundation, Bare Canvas, Grand Entrance, Espresso, Shroom, Zoom Lash, Petticoat, Sugar Trance (maybe?)
  12. Lizzie

    Dangerzone with Basic Red Cromaline Base

    Face:Face and Body in C4, So Ceylon, IPP in Belightful Eyes: Red and Black from Dangerzone, Basic Red Chromaline (This is NOT eye safe, so... use at your own risk. It really is a dangerzone! ), blacktrack, Ardell "Lacies" lashes, Espresso in Brows
  13. Lizzie

    Smashbox F&F

    Just thought I'd pass this on... so many F&F sales at this time of year! The code is SBFF08 and the sale ends November 30th. The discount is 20%. Happy Shopping!
  14. Lizzie

    Halloween(10.31.08) and Anniversary (11.01.08) [pic heavy!]

    For Halloween: and because my eyes are all scrunched up in the above photo... Face: Select SPF, Petticoat Eyes, All That Glitters, Grand Entrance, Scratch (UD), Espresso, Black Tide, Blacktrack, some Halloween Falsies with glitter strips... Lips: So Scarlet, Party Mate (oddly enough) For...
  15. Lizzie

    Can I fit all of the Manish Palette on my eyes? (Pic Heavy)

    Yes! Of course there had to be a rainbow FOTD, right? Why do silly poses show the colors so well? Indoor light + Flash = harsh! The Goods: Select SPF, Select Sheer Pressed Powder, Ardel "Hottie" lashes (what a name...), Espresso in Brows, Eyes On Manish, Pink Swoon, GAT &Pink...
  16. Lizzie

    Dark Green and Burgundy (Using MAC and Ulta e/s)

    Yay! Now you guys can see me fumble about on camera! YouTube - Green and Maroon Look Using Ulta and MAC e/s Final look: Thanks for looking!
  17. Lizzie

    Scratch Grafitti for Ransom...

    Lame title. Anywho, this is from a freelancing job I did yesterday. Eyes: UDPP, UD Scratch, Grafitti, Fishnet and Ransom, MAC Top Hat Blacktrack and Ardel Lashes. Lips: Pink Grapefruit Face: SFF, Gentle, Invisible Set Powder
  18. Lizzie

    Grapes and Raspberries! (Spiced Chocolate meets Shadowy Lady)

    Face: Select SPF, Select Sheer Pressed Powder, Gleeful Eyes: Nano Gold, Shadowy Lady, Sweet Chestnut, Spiced Chocolate on Brows, Ardel Demi Lash Lips: Pleasureseeker, Pink Grapefruit Thanks for looking
  19. Lizzie

    Same Model with Spiced Chocolate

    Same model as my previous post ( Everything and anything looks good on her!! The Goods: Face: Same, but with Spaced out blush instead Lips VG VI and Pink Grapefruit Eyes: Bare Canvas, Spiced Chocolate Quad, Blacktrack, Ardel lashes
  20. Lizzie

    Jampacked with Bing! She's a shadowy lady...

    My lovely model, Crystal: Hours later (it's 100 degrees out), but you can see the eye makeup more: Face: Rimmel foundation Gentle Mineralized Blush Translucent Set Powder IPP in Belightful Eyes: Bare Canvas Scratch (UD) Shadowy Lady Deep Truth White (NYX) Boot black Andrea Mod Lash...