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    Is Honey good for you?

    Honey is used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. Therefore, it has huge benefits:
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    Can Setting Spray be Used as Toner on Face?

    Toner is usually used to balance the pH of your skin though there is hydrating, exfoliating toner too, that's another story. If your mist has some of the ingredients like Glycerin, Rosewater +witch hazel, Butyl glycol, and panthenol. You can use it as a setting spray or more I should say...
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    Do you use face serums?

    I use Olay Regenerist Regenerating face serum and I love this product I can say. Face serums are necessary for a holistic skincare routine. Like other skincare items, serums also have their own benefits on the skin. While moisturizers simply hydrate the skin, serums are often packed with...
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    What is your favorite hair dye color?3

    Black is the most common hair color worldwide, with somewhere between 75%-85% of people having a natural shade of black or very dark brown hair color.
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    Best Makeup Brush Brand Advice

    If you would ask me my suggestion then I would highly recommend you to use SURRATT Beauty Artistique Makeup brush. This one is my favorite brand when it comes to choosing the best makeup brush brand. It is great for sensitive skin and the brush is packed with Cosme Fiber filaments for...
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    Hair & Scalp Treatment Cream

    Well, I believe keratin treatment is the best treatment. It makes your hair more manageable, especially if your hair is frizzy or thick.