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    BARBIE!! Rant about it here ^_^

    I went to the mall today expecting to haul 3 of EVERYTHING but I walked away with nothing. o_O I usually get at least a few (or many) items from each collection but this one I completely passed up. The colors that were kinda cool (the hot fuschia ones) were not suitable for me and I couldn't...
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    I miss the old Blacktrack

    I got Blacktrack (my first FL!) shortly after they came out and it is dense, creamy (not too much), semi-solid, and really opaque. The new blacktrack that I got is shiny, soft, and almost transparent! GRR! I have to go over the line several times before a semi-nice line is there. Is it just me...
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    MAC Face Charts from Around the World!

    I picked some random facecharts out of this huge book. Hope you guys enjoy! ^_^ (Sorry the clarity isn't the best :P)
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    Pretty Please Lipstick, is yours longer?

    I got all of the lipsticks and I noticed that Pretty Please was significantly longer, did this happen to anyone else? Is PP just longer or or the other ones just shorter? hehe Just wondering!
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    What are you getting from Sweetie Cake?

    My dream haul. . . The Quad @ $35 x 2 = 70 The Pigments = $19.50 x3 x 3 = $175.5 The Petit Glosses = $14 x 0 = $0 The Lipglasses = $14 x 0 = $0 The Softsparkle Eye Pencils = $13.50 x5 = $67.50 and the Nail Lacquers= $10 x 0 = $0 = 313! muhahaha I can't wait for next week!! hehe
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    Decanting Face and Body Foundation?

    I'm thinking of decanting the big bottle of Face and Body into a smaller 2oz squeeze jar because I've heard they go bad quickly. Any experiences with F&B going bad? How can you tell? My plan was to decant 2oz and stick the rest in a clean mini fridge (so the plastic doesn't pick up fridge funk...
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    Storing MAC eyeshadow pots!

    How do you girls store your MAC e/s pots? I've seen people put them in rows in traincases and lay them out for photos, but how about for day to day use? ^_^ I couldn't find the awesome thread about keeping e/s in pots but finding some way to store it. I tried various ways and this is what I came...
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    Pigment Pressing Tutorial

    Updated 2/13/06! I had these little clam shell containers from one of my craft endeavors so I decided to try to press pigments in there! hehe It was so much easier and almost no mess. ^_^ The secret is mixing the pigment so it has a "dryish" consistency and pulls away from the container in a...
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    Strobe Cream and Green Gel Cleanser?

    Is it just me or do these two smell a lot alike? :P
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    Old Style MAC Eyeshadow Containers

    I know MAC has made e/s containers like the one on the far right, but what about the other 3? MAC once embossed MAC on the side? Really?! I'm so paranoid about fakes now. .ha. ..ha. ..haha Any help would be appreciated!
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    Old Smashbox Container?

    I got this Smashbox cream shadow in a swap and it looks fake. But since I'm more or less a MAC snob (I try not to be! :x but it's hard cuz MAC is so good. haha) I don't know enough about Smashbox to be sure. I tried googling it but came up with nothing. I know the older style MAC containers...
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    Sprout is being d/ced?

    I just saw on another thread that Sprout is being d/ced? Anyone have the 411 on that? (I've always wanted to say 411 but it's not cool anymore, boo hoo hoo :P) hehe
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    Morning Glory. . .Different colors?

    Hi girls! My first MAC eBay thing was a Morning Glory lustreglass, for some reason I thought it was d/c and rare, HTF!!! (It isn't) I looked under Lipglass on the MAC website no lustreglass so. ..anyway, you get the idea. I got it and I was so happy and I put it in a cup like I do the other...
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    De Menthe eye shadow

    Thank in advance! It looks too good to be true :P
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    De. . .scooping Tutorial

    Sorry for the unclear title! I’m not sure what you would call this. :T I have some Milani loose e/s and they’re a pain to use because of the built in brush. I wanted to put them into the little sample jars all my MAC pigments go in but it took forever and a day to take it out little by little...
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    Hey you guys. . .the weirdest thing!

    I was surfing around and I came across the Bella Azure e/s. They had Leisuretime, Goldbit, and Bella Azure. I was like, O_O! But the best part was this. . . THEY WERE FREAKIN' 13 DOLLARS!!!!! AHHHHHH I'm such a cheapa$$ haha 50 cents and I'm giddy. haha Anyways, not sure if it's in...
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    How to Make TLC Pots into Sticks Tutorial

    This is going to be the dopest tutorial EVER!! Well, not really, but it's should be good for kicks. And yes, I know NO ONE uses the word "dope" anymore, but it was just too much fun. How To Make TLC Sticks Step 1: Gather all the stuff you need. Tinted Lip Conditioner, Rubbing Alcohol, Tiny...
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    Milani Depotting Tutorial

    Hey All! I don't know if this will be helpful b/c Milani's are pretty easy to depot but since I was going a few I thought I'd just snap some pictures and show ya'll how I do it. Step 1: Gather all the tools you need. - Pushpin - Eyeshadow Palette - Scissors - Magnet - Eyeshadow to depot...
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    My MAC Collection :) 2005 to 2011!

    Wow. I haven't posted my MAC Traincase/Stash since... 2005. Here is most of the stuff. I had a traincase stolen with a lot of eyeliners and foundations which is why you won't see much. :) I'm not the best photographer though! ^_^ All my full-size pigments. My table with...