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  1. _Ondine_

    MAC dupe for MAC Viva Glam V?

    I'm just about to put in an order on the MAC website and wanted to get Viva Glam V which I've swatched and liked. But - of course they're sold out! Is anyone familiar enough with the colour to recommend another MAC lipstick that's a similar shade? (Viva Glam V is "neutral pink with pearl -...
  2. _Ondine_

    Which YSL Perfect Touch shade = NC20?

    I've decided to switch to YSL Perfect Touch over winter from my usual MAC Select Tint as I want something more substantial. My boyfriend is going to buy me some in duty free but I don't have a chance to go to shops to sample which shade will be best for me before he are there any...
  3. _Ondine_

    Best subtle blush for pale skin+dark hair

    Can you recommend me a good blush to use? I'm NC20 with medium-dark hair. My complexion is classically 'english rose' I suppose and most blushes I've tried have made me look ruddy cheeked, even with a light hand - I don't want to look like I've just come in from a day working the fields! I just...
  4. _Ondine_

    Hello from London!

    I kept on coming to this website looking for information, tips and recommendations and I suddenly realised I should actually join properly, so here I am! I used to be very lazy and minimalist about my makeup, until I moved from London to New York for 6 months and discovered the joys of the MAC...