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  1. cre8_yourself

    OMG.!For anyone who loves singing.. please check this kid out.. hes amazing!

    This guy is amazing.. I couldnt beleive he was singing this.. my other fav was "over the rainbow".. YouTube - Me Singing A Whole New World Disney's Aladdin Nick Pitera
  2. cre8_yourself

    Just got my MAC Pro Card.. recs for haul

    Oh my so im super excited!! I just got my MAC Pro card and I will be going very soon to spend a ridic amount of money.. besides a few basic eye shadows and some strobe cream what are everyone's recommendations for kit products.. I'm only spending a lil money on myself but it will primarily be...
  3. cre8_yourself

    Advantage with a Portfolio??

    Maybe about a year ago I asked around at different MAC counters.. specifically the MAC counter @ Macy's in Woodbridge NJ.. I asked them what are the qualifications to work there and she didn't say anything about retail experience (which I'm sure she meant to include) she said having an actual...
  4. cre8_yourself

    MAC Employees

    Hi all my name is Dominique.. I have a question for all of the MAC employees.. how long did it take for you to finally become an employee..meaning how many times did you have to interview.. were you ever turned down but just kept interviewing and finally got ?? I know its alot of questions but...
  5. cre8_yourself

    hello my fellow makeup artistas!!

    hi all.. my name is dominique.... 21 y/o jersey girl.. majoring in sociology but my heart belongs to makeup artistry.. im new to this site so im looking forward to talking with everyone!!