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    Am I a Shadowy Lady?

    Hello beautiful ladies of Specktra! Here is look I did using my Shadowy Lady quad. Shadowy Lady is one of my favorite shadows that we sell! I love it! Studio Fix Fluid NC40 Select Sheer Pressed Powder NC40 Matte Bronzer Pinch Me Blush Perky Paint Pot Shadowy Lady eyeshadow quad Smolder eye...
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    Simple Russian Red

    Hey ladies, I was in the mood for a simple red lip the other day...and what is better than Russian Red? Nothing in my book! All makeup used is MAC of course! Face: SFF NC40, slight dusting of Studio Fix powder NC40, Matte bronzer, Feeling blush Eyes: Prolash Black mascara Lips: Brick l/l...
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    Feeling...oh what a Feeling....

    Hello lovely ladies. The makeup is nothing special in this pic...but I thought that it was a great shot of one of my new fave blushes...Feeling Beauty Powder blush! I think I have on NC42 MoistureCover with Fix+ as a foundation and Kinda Sexy lipstick on the lips.
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    Sweet, Sweet Sienna

    Here is a look using Sweet Sienna pigment! Face: Select Cover NC35, Studio Fix NC40, Improper Copper CCB, Sunbasque Eyes: Lithograph Fluidline, Sweet Sienna pigment, Gold Dusk pigment, Carbon, Boot Black liner, Smolder, Plushlash black Lips: Beurre liner, Ample Pink plushglass
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    Girl About Town with a twist...

    Hey gals, just a simple FOTD. I wore Girl About Town with Brick lipliner and I loved the colour that turned out. Enjoy!
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    Pinky dinky...

    Haven't posted in forever! Face: NC42 Select Cover, Fix+, Improper Copper, Plum Foolery Eyes: Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Romping, Big T, Smolder, Zoomblack Lips: Pink Treat, Cushy White plushglass
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    Wondergrass to the rescue!

    Don't you just love C-Shock! All the colours are so beautifully vivid! Face: NC42 Moisture Cover, NC40 Studio Fix, Fix+, Sunbasque blush Eyes: Wondergrass, Going Bananas, Fab & Flashy, Bang on Blue, Boot Black, Smolder, Zoomblack Lips: Creamkiss liner, Overrich, Lil' Sizzler
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    Scanty and Honeylove looks...

    Hello lovely talented ladies. Here are a couple looks using a couple of my fave lippies! Used: Select Cover NC42, Studio Fix NC35, Petalpoint, Gracious Me, Floral Fantasy, Rose Blanc, Smolder, Zoomblack, Pink Treat, Scanty, Full for You Used: Select Cover NC42, Studio Fix NC35...
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    Barbie Theme Day

    Sorry I didn't get any good close up shots, but here is one with me and a coworker. I thought the background looked cool in this picture. My makeup: Face: NC35 SFF, Nw25 Select Cover, Fix+, Don't Be Shy, Pearl Sunshine Eyes: Springtime Skipper, Mothbrown, Whistle, Smolder...
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    Eyes before Foundation...

    Here is something that can cause a little debate/discussion! After I got certified for my Application Skills a few months ago, the Senior Trainer sat down with me and we went through what I did together. They go through a checklist and discuss every point with everyone who goes through this...
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    Hi ladies. I'm so happy, I got Application Certified yesterday! I got a new piece of MAC jewelry to boot! My next one is going to be Fashion Show Certification. That should be exciting. Anyways, this is the makeup I wore yesterday. Face: NC30 SFF, NW25 Select Cover, NC30 Select Sheer...
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    Demo Interview only in the States??

    I have been wondering something for the longest time. I see all these gals here talking about their demo interviews and such. I didn't have to do one and actually don't know anyone who has been hired here in Toronto (a few co-workers and a couple of friends at different locations) who has had...
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    A couple Muse Fotds...sorry they're late!

    Hi lovely talented ladies! The first few are using Heat/Element and the last few are using Persona/Screen Vinyl. Thanks for looking.
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    Should MAC have jumped on the bandwagon

    ....and made plushglasses? During MAC update, some of the girls got into a debate about how MAC should not have made lip plumpers because it goes into the whole cosmetic correctiveness thing and that made a lot of them uncomfortable. One of the trainers mentioned that the lip-plumping...
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    Waternymph with some Dark Soul

    I am in love with Waternymph! Here is a look I did with Waternymph, Nylon, Black Tied and Dark Soul. I really blended the Waternymph with the darker shadows to the point where you can't really see Waternymph's true colour. I guess I felt like being a little "darker" this day. I am wearing...
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    Hello girls! Here are a few pics. The first few are with Aqualine LLL and the two last with Inky.
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    Fashion Cares 2006

    Is anyone going? I just found out that I can get tickets through work (they are very limited) but I committed to something else that day that I just can't get out of. AAAAAHHH! I really want to go, as this year is the 20th anniversary and the last year that MAC's Philip Ing is going to be the...
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    Sundressing and more...

    Here are another few. In the first two ones I have on sharkskin and crimsonaire shadesticks, hepcat, beauty marked, nylon, black liquid last liner, honeylove and spirited. The last four are a couple of different looks using all Sundressing stuff.
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    Long time no see...a few looks

    Hi girls! The first four looks are using Sweetie Cake/Softsparkle eye kohls and the last was Viva Glam I lips!
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    My First Fotds...Pic Heavy

    You girls are so good, I've been chickening out for a long time to post my pics. Also, my camera skills are not so great. they are! I have on Studio Fix Fluid NC30 and Zoomblack in all the pics. These have been accumulating so I'm sorry if I have forgotten what I'm wearing in...