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  1. coconut

    General Chanel Chat

    I've heard such good things about Chanel and I really want to try some of their products. What are the must haves?
  2. coconut

    Dupe For Dark Devotion Eye Shadow?

    I love the holiday Smokey Eyes palette, especially Satin Tauple, Dark Devotion, and Carbon and I see myself needing to replace these shades sometime in the future. Good thing Satin Taupe and Carbon are permanent, but what is the closest shade to Dark Devotion available currently in the MAC line?
  3. coconut

    Nars Blush and Breakouts

    Has anyone noticed any problems with breaking out on the cheeks after using Nars blush? I kept hearing it mentioned that Nars has the best blushes so I finally went out and got one at the end of the summer, but I don't use it much because whenever I do I start breaking out on my cheeks! Am I...
  4. coconut

    uses for 190 brush?

    I am thinking of getting the face brush set from the holiday collection. I really want the 168 and 187 and I could use a new concealer brush (is it good for applying concealer to the undereye area?), but I don't wear foundation. I kind of doubt it, but is there any other creative way of using...
  5. coconut

    NC/NW Confusion

    Can someone please help me understand these terms better? I've read the description on this website, but I still don't quite get it. NC means you are warm-toned, right? But then this website says that it also means "neutralizes cool" does that mean that if you are warm-toned you would want...
  6. coconut

    Please Help Me Find An Eye Cream That Works!!

    I have serious undereye issues. I have very dark circles and my eye area is also very dry, especially in the winter (and the fact that I need concealer and setting powder for my dark circles doesn't help). I am also prone to getting milia. My main concern is the dryness so that my concealer...
  7. coconut

    Nars Gilda vs. Gina

    I want a matte, peachy blush from Nars and Gilda and Gina both seems to fit that bill, so I can't decide. I've had Gina put on me before and I loved it, but I've never tried Gilda, so I can't say anything about that one. I don't wear foundation, but I am a medium in the MSFN and would say my...
  8. coconut

    Is Dior Show A Dry Mascara?

    I used Dior Show a few years ago and remembered liking it. I went to get YSL Faux Cils mascara the other day, but the city I live in doesn't have it, so I went with Dior Show again. But it feels so DRY and not very black. I'm not very impressed. I'm wondering if I got an old tube or if it is...
  9. coconut

    Help With Powders

    I love MAC powders and have tried quite a few of them. I really like Blot powder, especially for the summer. I like how it gets rid of shine, but doesn't look like you are wearing makeup. However, it felt a bit dry last winter, so I decided to try Select Sheer powder and I really liked that too...
  10. coconut


    Hi guys, I know this probably shouldn't be in the recommendations section, but I don't know where else to put it. Can someone tell me if any of the following are eligible for Back 2 MAC? -The plastic containers that the eyelashes come in -The mini lipglosses from the holiday collection...
  11. coconut

    Shale vs. Earthly Riches

    Can anyone who has both these eyeshadow shades tell me whether Shale is similar to the two Earthly Riches shades of purple and grey mixed together (Earthly Riches is from the Holiday 2007 collection). Shale sounds really pretty, but I already have Earthly Riches which seems like it might produce...
  12. coconut

    Eye Makeup Remover

    Hello everyone, I need some recommendations for an eye makeup remover that effectively and quickly removes makeup, especially mascara, from the eye area without pulling out lashes. Even though my mascara isn't waterproof I tend to have trouble with this. The easier the better...i.e. wipes are...
  13. coconut

    Prominent Eyelids

    I see a lot of girls on here complaining about their small eyelids, but honestly the grass is always greener because I hate my huge eyelids! Even the smallest amount of makeup can look like too much and I have to wear dark eyeliner or I look sickly. I find that the best look for me is no...
  14. coconut

    Grey Eyeshadow

    I'm looking for recommendations for a medium grey eyeshadow. It can be shimmery or frosted, but it just has to be grey and not silver. I was thinking of trying cumulus from one of the new collections if they still have it. I'm pretty new my with MAC stores usually still have LE...