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  1. Kenna23

    Pur Minerals????

    Hey everyone, as usual i have been researching to find a great foundation, i was wondering if any of you around my complexion which is around NW 45/50 Studio Fix powder have tried the Pur Minerals foundation at all? i am also wondering about the 4 n-1 foundation? thanks for your time. ~kenna
  2. Kenna23


    hey everyone, i know that spring is here and summer is almost around the corner. i was wondering if you guys could recommend some good foundations for me at this time. i tend to have to use matte gel during the fall/ winter so that let you guys know i am kind of sweaty so my foundation has a...
  3. Kenna23

    Too faced Lockdown Eye base?

    Hey guys, i have been a big fan of the too faced eye shadow insurance. I went to there website today and to a look at there new eye shadow bases these look very similar to the eye shadow insurance but with some color. I was wondering have any of you tried them out? If so what are they like? do...
  4. Kenna23

    clearance bin...

    Hey everyone, how can i get to the clearance bin part of this blog?
  5. Kenna23

    Hi everyone...

    Hi everyone, my name is Kenna and have been viewing this blog through my sister, and i love it so i thought it is time i start chatting on here with you wonder people. I just to let you know a few things about i love MAC even though i can not afford it now. I love shopping. and i really love...