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  1. SerenityRaine

    Revlon Grow Lucious

    I love the way this stuff goes on. Its gotta be a favorite which I haven't had in ages as I'm picky...But recently I've actually noticed that my lashes seem SPARSER! wth...not quite sure if its due to the mascara or my eyelash curlers. I think I might stop for awhile to see if anything changes...
  2. SerenityRaine

    The Usage of the Word "Love"

    I have a similiar situation to MsWestchester. I've been talkin to this guy online for a year now this month. Not really sure where its going, he's sendin mixed messages & confusing the hell outta me! So recently he has been using the word "love" in place of babe recently. I'm not one to throw...
  3. SerenityRaine

    Hard Candy @ Walmart!?!?

    So, I went to check out our new local Walmart which by the way is bigger than anything I've ever seen! Bigger than Orlando's I think! Ok back to topic I was really suprised to see them there as I thought they were out of business. Most things are $5 to $8, I can't remember if I saw anything...
  4. SerenityRaine

    CCO, Ulta & Face Front Haul

    My mom went on a trip & there was a CCO nearby so of course I made her go there! I'm bummed that I couldn't see all that was there.. CCO: Bold & Brazen Eyeshadow Deep Shade Eyeshadow Meet the Fleet Eyeshadow Blue Peep Fluidline Heirlooms: Basic Brush Set I'm debating between Deep...
  5. SerenityRaine

    FYI: Watery Eyes Tip

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share this as I have watery eyes & they are a pain in the ass. I was just watching Petrilude's youtube vid & he has an awesome tip around 6:33. So, if watery eyes are an issue that you deal with I recommend watching this vid as he will tell you how to put a stop to it...
  6. SerenityRaine

    Stylist Dilemma: What to do?

    Ok, so for the past 3 years since I moved back here I've been hopping around stylists. Have yet to find one that I like 100% that can do both cut and color. I always find one that can cut but then gets the color off. Or vice versa. I think I finally found a good one except again the color was...
  7. SerenityRaine

    Making MAC Blue Pigment Duochromatic?

    Ok, so this has been driving me crazy for the past 4.5 years. This chick in my class in college was wearing it & it appeared to be duochromatic. It looked amazing! So, you can only imagine my disappointment to learn that it wasn't! Ever since I bought it & took it home I figured that she was...
  8. SerenityRaine

    Anyone for Heatherette Prime + Prep Zoomlash?

    MAC HEATHERETTE PREP+PRIME ZOOM LASH MASCARA VOLUM - Eyes - Welcome to uutrade,links of london,UGG,Juicy,Mac cosmetics,Tiffany,Gucci, LOL MAC Fafi Waterproof Foundation MAC FAFI LIQUID FOUNDATION NO.8812 - Faces - Welcome to uutrade,links of london,UGG,Juicy,Mac cosmetics,Tiffany,Gucci...
  9. SerenityRaine

    Gotta stop hauling b4 I have no $$$!!

    Mini Haul @ Nordstroms Dazzleglass Via Veneto Pre-Ordered the Graphic Garden Eyeshadow Palette I kinda want to go pre-order the Lip Bag in Summer Crop
  10. SerenityRaine

    In search of a drugstore fun pink

    I'm searching for a good fun pink for my friend -- something cheap as she's just starting getting more into wearing more make up. Is it me or does it seem like drug store lines have gone more neutral or if there is a fun color its way too loud for newbs. It seems the mid-tone fun pinks have gone...
  11. SerenityRaine

    Internet Explorer can't handle my collection lol

    Apparently IE can't handle cut n pasting my collection as it kept crashing in all 4 attempts! Please excuse the mess of my bathroom. It is in the midst of a major re-organization! This is the majority of my MAC collection, I have some more MAC odds & ends to add later. Plus, some...
  12. SerenityRaine

    MAC = Money Swindlers! =D lol

    Ok, so this is how it all started I was either going to get Brave New Bronze by B2M or the SUMO sale, only to find out that it was sold out at the counters and online I managed to find it @ Nordstroms online but with shipping for one thing @ $8?! Ridiculous! Gotta have more than one product...
  13. SerenityRaine

    Liquidlast: Auto-Orange vs Molten Sol

    So, my internet connection here @ work is being a bitch. Gotta love connectivity issues. Amazingly, I can get on Specktra but can't see all the pictures that are posted maybe half. Whats the difference between the two? Which one is darker? Oh btw, I found them both on Nordstroms online. Ok...
  14. SerenityRaine

    Liquid Liners

    So, I went to Sephora the other day & fell in love with Minx & Ectasy. But, really I need more make up like I need a hole in my head haha... So, I was wondering if you wonderful ladies have tried this? And, if so how well does it wear? Think it could pass the allergy eye? TIA
  15. SerenityRaine

    Broke my MacDiet

    I was doing so well too! If only actual diets were so easy to adhere to.. Its easy to avoid the mall. My mom dragged me along on her mission to reverse shop. I got bored and ventured down to the MAC counter where one I was suprised to see that one of my fave SA's had switched to from another...
  16. SerenityRaine

    One thing

    The Curiostease Warm Pigments + Glitter... I should've ordered it yesterday when it was STILL on the MAC site. Nordstrom was out but Macy's wasn't! The sure killed me on the shipping! $9 =/
  17. SerenityRaine

    Should I buy this? Need opinion asap! TIA

    *Mods please feel free to move if not in proper place* MAC Bait (Lure) Golden Bronzer for $37.97 I definitely hafta have it! But, the question is to get it or to hold out? I have a feeling it will be impossible to find if I don't grab it up!
  18. SerenityRaine

    My bank account was healthier

    b4 I discovered Specktra! I just bought the entire collection of C-Shock
  19. SerenityRaine

    *My Gorgeous Lil Cousin*

    She's my muse =) This is what I used on her... Face: Dermalogica Treatment Foundation 1 <3 this stuff! Christian Dior Effets Blush - just the bronzer color Petalpoint Blush Fleurry Blush Bare Escentuals Warmth *She used her own BE powder Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion Carbon & Black...
  20. SerenityRaine

    Just wondering..

    How many people have attached a resume along with their MAC application?