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  1. DominicanBarbie

    WOC Barbie Doll pinK lips First FOTD in a long time!

    Hi Guys so This is a WOC look that I did today. I hope you guys like it :) I made a youtube video on how to have woc friendly baby pink lips. Please any feedback would be great.I think I need to work on my blending skills :/ Thanks so much for looking and have a blessed holiday...
  2. DominicanBarbie

    MUFE HD Primer

    So Im super curious about the Make up Forever HD primers. They have two that are made for us W.O.C The Number 4- Carmel(combats ashiness in medium to dark skin tones/warms golden tones..... The Number 6-Yellow(lightens dark complexions) Now my face is pretty much blemish free and I only...
  3. DominicanBarbie

    Look into my poop brown eyes :)

    Using the Jesse's Girl Bejeweled Palette in the browns. NC 35 concealer as Base Lightest color from the quad all over lid darkest color from the quad in the corner Also in the outer cornor is Bobbi Browns eyeshadow in Mahogany In the inner corner is Mac's Hey from fafi quad 1. Blacktrack...
  4. DominicanBarbie

    Best Day EVERR ..Picture heavy

    This is what I got for mothers day and also some makeup haulage.Sorry Bad blackberry camera phone pics BEst candle ever Yankee Candle Coconut Bay! Baby photobook album Juicy Couture Daydreamer Bag COMPLETE Suprise from Hubby!! 08 Chanel 5134B sunglasses!!!! Makup up Dual blush in Orchid...
  5. DominicanBarbie

    Smokey Heatherette NC43-44

    Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. One of our Artists will be with you shortly. Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Amy. How may I assist you? Steph: Hi Amy,I was just wondering if you could help me put a smokey eye nude lip combo using heatherette products I am an NC...
  6. DominicanBarbie

    cell phones. Can you here me now?!

    Ok hunnies I need your help! I currently have a blackberry pearl and although I love my phone to death I think I need an upgrade. Ok not really but I really want a new phone.My hubby agreed to get me a new one this week.I was looking at the blackberry curve but who know's how many hidden gems...
  7. DominicanBarbie

    Burberry "The Beat"

    Have you checked it out yet? I recived it as a gift from hubby when we went into the burberry store to get some new polo shirts and I love it! By far my favorite perfume to date. It smells so clean and fresh and upbeat.The bottle is beautiful too! It looks so posh sitting on my vanity. I will...
  8. DominicanBarbie

    its money time!!

    So its that special time of year when life is good and you get to file your taxes ( yelling in my opera voice those who watch know what I mean) so this year what are you guys doing with your tax return. All I know is that sephora Mac and chanel are getting a nice lil visit from me! I need a new...
  9. DominicanBarbie

    Super Nervous 1st time FOTD (WoC)

    Ok guys so this is my first FOTD. I have a crappy phone cam that I'm using because I cannot find my nixon.I'm not that good with eyeshadow I cant blend or do anything fun just yet but I'm learning from watching you guys So Here goes Face Mac Fix + Mac Select fluid Eyes Urban decay primer potion...
  10. DominicanBarbie

    spinoff! most underated lip gloss or stick

    Ok everyone most under rated lip gloss or stick from mac. Mine would have to be angel cream plush glass .. Its the best light milky pink a MA has ever picked out for me. Nc44.. I have a Picture of me wearing it on my FOTD ..Thanks
  11. DominicanBarbie

    Ima NEWbiE

    Hi everyone.My name is Stephanie and I'm 20..I LOVE MAC!!!! I'm from NY but I move around a lot! My husband is in the Marine Corps and it's always an adventure.We have 2 gorgeous lil girls.Alazae and Isabella.I discovered Mac on our recent duty station in Southern Cal.Being a women of color( My...