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  1. MAC_mallory

    Mac Lashes?

    Which are your favorites?? I only have the #7's and the #36's..
  2. MAC_mallory

    Rollickin paint pot

    Out of the three -Parrot eyeshadow, -Rollickin paint pot, and -Vanilla pigment, which two would you buy? i'm trying to decide if I really -need- rollickin'...
  3. MAC_mallory

    San Francisco Pro Store

    I'm staying in San Mateo for Memorial Day weekend, and am wanting to plan a trip to the SF pro store either that Saturday or Sunday.. Does anybody else want to go?? I'd love some shopping buddies !
  4. MAC_mallory

    CA Central Coast/Bay Area?

    anybody living in the Carmel, Monterey, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, ..etc.. areas?
  5. MAC_mallory

    First ever trip to a CCO-haul.

    I went to the Gilroy outlet center on Saturday, to go to the CCO.. I picked up: -Three pigments in aire de blu, viz-a-violet, and copperclast, (these are the very first three pigments I have ever bought!) -a paint in pixel, -the 5-softsparkle eyeliner pencil set from the curiositease...
  6. MAC_mallory

    About to B2M again..

    I have 6 empties again, but don't know what to get! the last two times I got the lip treatment, and Pervette -glaze lip stick. what are some of your favorite lip stick colors? I love pale pinks! but also want to try something crazy, maybe even a pretty red.. any suggestions?
  7. MAC_mallory


    I'm new here, but have been a lurker for quite some time now. Let's see.. I'm from California, an NC20, and I love MAC and Benefit an awful lot. So far, I really love this site, the FOTD's are so awesome, and I've come across so many useful tips and topics. :]