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  1. iamlelilien

    black and purple "experimental" tutorial. [pic heavy.]

    I haven't posted anything here since like... last summer, so I decided to come back with a bang... by doing a tutorial. Of a look that I had never even TRIED before. I was just going to do a FOTD, but I took pictures of the steps just in case it came out nicely and was worth having a tutorial...
  2. iamlelilien

    suuuper shimmery.

    I saw this picture in an album for hair color ideas, but instead the first thing I noticed was her eyeshadow. Can you please recommend eyeshadow with that kind of finish? Preferably pastel colors, cool neutrals, and golds. Any price. Any brand, as long as it can be easily ordered online.
  3. iamlelilien

    black / violet / white.

    Open! Closed! (my eyebrows look a lot better than they did a month ago!) Silly face! MAC Violet pigment. MAC Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow. MAC Blacktrack fluidline. MAC Carbon eyeshadow. Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara. Aaaaand...
  4. iamlelilien

    my eyebrows are awful.

    Yes, admitting I have a problem is the first step to solving it. A couple of weeks ago I managed to fill them in in such a way that they ended up like this: ...but most days I'm not nearly that lucky, and even in that picture they still...
  5. iamlelilien

    my turn.

    I saw a few people post rainbow eyes FOTDs within the past few days, and that's one of my favorite looks, so I decided to post mine. :] (yes, I'm pale, but I'm not THAT pale. I think the flash went off when it wasn't supposed to) Eyeshadows used were: MAC - Passionate, Prestige -...
  6. iamlelilien

    what what.

    For some reason, my eyelashes look gross on one side and really awesome on the other. MAC Passionate e/s Prestige Curry e/s MAC Chrome Yellow e/s Rebel lime green e/s No idea what the blue is Prestige Passionflower e/s (the darker side) MAC Blacktrack fluidline MAC Carbon e/s Maybelline...
  7. iamlelilien

    test run!

    The lighting in these pictures is kind of grosser than hell, pretend I'm not green. Sorry. Last time I went to a concert, the eye makeup I used was something I had never done before, and it ended up looking disgusting. I'm going to see Placebo on my 16th birthday in a couple of weeks...
  8. iamlelilien

    plum... i guess.

    I used a couple of light browns from miscellaneous Arden pallettes, MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s, NYC Perfect Plum pencil liner, Prestige Ebony e/s, Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara on the top lashes, and Almay purple mascara that I don't know the name of on the bottom lashes. There was also a...
  9. iamlelilien


    Do MAC shadows only cooperate with $25 brushes? Most of the ones I have go on really lightly and I have to apply them about 3 times, and I think it has to do with the brushes I'm using.
  10. iamlelilien

    panda panda panda

    (that's kind of the closest thing to a closed eye shot that I have, but you can see the shape of it and stuff) Please excuse the fact that I'm making funny faces in all my pictures. >_> Blacktrack + Carbon. Crystal Avalanche. Some kind of Estee Lauder mascara I can't remember the name of...
  11. iamlelilien

    jewel eyes eotd.

    My mascara seems to have made itself invisible for that picture. Maybelline Dream Mousse in some light pink color as a base. Everything that goes on over it sparkles! Lancome Makeover e/s MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s Prestige Ebony e/s (that's what the liner is, I used it wet) I did it with...
  12. iamlelilien

    very lime green.

    I want a lime green of the utmost brightness, that is less yellow than Bitter. Has anyone seen one? Can be any brand. Thanks in advance.
  13. iamlelilien

    i wish i had

    Are there any items of clothing that you wish you had, but no store seems to have anything like what you're looking for? Share here. I wish I had a ruffly or layered miniskirt. Preferably black, or black with a pattern.
  14. iamlelilien

    creme and smoke.

    Contrast has been played with a little bit, but the makeup still looks the same. Lancome Makeover e/s, MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s, MAC Blacktrack fluidliner, Prestige Ebony e/s. Not really sure quite what the mascara is. MAC Crystal Rose l/g. Enjoy.
  15. iamlelilien

    carbon, bitter, chrome yellow.

    Can you please throw out some ideas for a look involving these three colors? Color placement, other e/s colors that could be involved as long as Carbon, Bitter, and Chrome Yellow are the main colors, etc. And can you please recommend a lipglass to be used with this look as well? Thanks in advance.
  16. iamlelilien

    my hair is greeeeen

    I was trying for yellow, because I've been fascinated with the idea of having yellow in my hair for about two years. I have two little pigtails on the sides, and it looks like a mullet when it isn't in the pigtails, so if I get sick of having to wear them in pigtails all the time I can just chop...
  17. iamlelilien

    purple overlooooad!

    I COMPLETELY REDID THIS 5/12/07 For some reason, that's not showing up in the title when I look at it from the board, but in the thread, it is in the title. So, remember this? Well, I decided to redo the tutorial because I thought I could do it a lot better than I did the last time. I...
  18. iamlelilien

    panda eye with quite a bit of extra decoration

    In my mirror picture (haha,) you can see the shape of the black. I went to a concert on Saturday night (Placebo to be specific!) and I took those before I left. I think I did pretty well on the black (I had tried it a couple of times before, so I had some practice) but I'd say I rushed...
  19. iamlelilien

    cateye stripes on otherwise simple look

    You can see the bottom of one of my perfectly straight eyebrows... they grow in such a way that there's no room to make an arch. It's rather unfortunate. :\ It wore off and formed creases, since I took the pictures after I got back from school and I've been wearing it all day. I would have...