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  1. singinmys0ng

    Where did all the FOTD girls go?!

    I haven't posted on here in well over a year but I feel like no one posts as many fotds?! C'mon guys, post more! I miss seeing all your great work!
  2. singinmys0ng

    I'm Back!

    So I haven't been on here in a long while but I'm back. I really rusty with my makeup skills so bare with me. I was only practicing on my eyes so my hair and everything else is crappy. Anyways, I'm happy to see you gals again! I took two sets of pictures. The last ones I added more pink to the...
  3. singinmys0ng

    Makeup articles

    Does anyone have any articles on the internet that they know of that's about makeup artisty? It's for a research paper i'm doing for school and I'm not really sure where to look!
  4. singinmys0ng

    Ain't no other man but you!

    I was ultra bored today and decided to do my hair and makeup. I love red lips and big fluffy hair What I used.... Face:Studio fix fluid foundation in NC35 concealer in NW25 Eyes:Revlon color stay black liner,Blacktrack Fluid liner,Patina as a wash,cork in crease and a cheap e/s as a...
  5. singinmys0ng

    Marylin FOTD

    This my friend Megan. I know she isnt blonde but I thought I would try the infamous red lips look on her. It came out pretty well. Face:Studio Fix Powder, a cheap red blush, body shop pearl shimmery things. Lips:Red Russian lipstick and lip gloss Eyes: Crystal avalanche e/s,cork e/s
  6. singinmys0ng

    Smokey FOTD

    I just got Crystal Avalanche and Knight Divine last night and must say I love these two e/s! They are a must have in my kit. Everything is MAC unless stated otherwise. Face: Studio Fix Fluid in NC25,Studio Finish Concealer NC25 Cheeks: A cheap nude blush Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion,Crystal...
  7. singinmys0ng

    The Makeup Show NYC I so wish I could go to this! Anyone here going? Also, if you click on Exhibitors there are some new makeup line's that seem pretty cool to check out! I'll prob be checking out the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics LOL. The reasons they said they named it that is...
  8. singinmys0ng

    Prom makeup w/gold leafing

    This is my friend Cassie's makeup I did for prom. Today was just a practice run, but I love how everything turned out. I used a lot of things! Too many to remember. Just ask if you want to know though!
  9. singinmys0ng

    Has anyone noticed...

    that bright colored makeup is starting to be popular for the norm? I've been seeing Max Factor advertise it a lot and I've also noticed that a Mac Artist came on the View today. Just wondering what your thoughts are about this? Honestly, I hope it doesn't catch on to be fad. To me, bright...
  10. singinmys0ng

    What shall I do for my prom makeup?

    Here is a picture of the dress. It's purple and black and has flowers and diamond things on it. I don't want anything too bright because it would clash with the dress. But I do want some color. What do you think? Of course you could say a smokey purple eye look but thats a given. I just don't...
  11. singinmys0ng


    Does anyone else have the Pussycat dolls CD? I freaking love it!! It seriously makes me want to have sex and dance around LOL Anyways my fav songs are.. -Beep -Buttons -Tainted Love -Bite the dust
  12. singinmys0ng

    sorry to ask again

    but my hard drive was wiped out so were my books marks. I was wondering what were the three websites that had the mac product pictures and discriptions..i know one was like legacy something. TIA!
  13. singinmys0ng

    Online m/u buddy!

    okay i got this idea from Bubbles in another post. I know everyone gets bored and needs SOMEONE to talk to about makeup or just anything. So i thought I would make a post to for people to post their aim/yahoo/msn or whatever to let people know you are willing to let people contact you. Also...
  14. singinmys0ng

    um what?

    okay my friend went to a pro store in Chicago and she got me bitter and a 18 pan pallete (which i didn't know they had?) and she said that all cost $45..that doesnt make any sense..she said the e/s was $ how much would the 18 pallete be? the 15 is only like $12..
  15. singinmys0ng

    for u britney spear people lol (everyone needs to see this)

    my little gay friend who loves britney was just..*freaked* when he saw this you have to read everything and scroll down all the way to see what i mean lol
  16. singinmys0ng

    Someone friggin help me

    Alright, I am FED UP with eyeshadow bases. I've tried the hyped up stilife paint but all it does is crease up on me like no other. I've tried the other paints and they do the same. I've even tried my revlon color stay foundation..but it makes the e/s so dull from it's natural color. So what...
  17. singinmys0ng

    *Cries* make me stop eating,PLEASE!!!

    Sigh, someone help me. I can't stop eating..does anyone have any home remedies for eating too much while pmsing? lol
  18. singinmys0ng

    R.I.P Marsha :(

    Today our next door neighbor called my family and I that our pot bellied pig Marsha died Me and my family are on vacation and our next door neighbor was taking care of all the animals and I guess the heat just got to her. Please keep Marsha in your prayers..we loved her so much.
  19. singinmys0ng

    My Mom Loves Bare Minerals - Her Testimonial :D

    Melozburngr, the foundation cost $25 and they have colors that you can mix and match. You can buy the stuff at and I THINK there are more colors to choose from if you go to store that sells it there. Also it says you can buy their brush ..but I just use a stiffish but not to stiff...
  20. singinmys0ng

    Best Friend FOTD

    This is my wonderful best friend, Laurel and today we had to make her look sexy for a b-day party! So I did her hair and makup and this is what I came up with Foundation:None Cheeks:Impropper Copper and Margin blush Eyes:Liner-sable,I did a wash of some Trucco eyeshadow,Crease-Parfit...