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  1. j4lyphe

    New Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish foundation

    Has anyone tried the new Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even finish foundation? I think it's supposed to be replacing the Natural finish foundation with a better formulation. My perfect colour in the Natural finish would have been a mix of the 7.0 and 7.5. I had gotten the 7.0 and it was too red for me...
  2. j4lyphe

    MAC NW45 ladies and Bobbi Brown foundations!

    Hey ladies I was wondering if any of you NW45 ladies have found any foundation and/or powder matches in Bobbi Brown products. I have been unsuccessful with MAC's Pro Longwear foundation and I'm kinda over Studio Fix fluid and powder and so I wanted to try something new. Let me know!
  3. j4lyphe

    NW45 ladies and Clinique foundations

    Hey ladies I was wondering if any of you NW45 ladies like any of the Clinique foundations and also if you were able to get colour matched in any of the formulae. I tried their SuperFit formula and I was matched to the colour Spicy. I really like it- so much so that I think I'm gonna return my...
  4. j4lyphe

    WOC which is the blackest gel/cream liner?

    Hey ladies I really want to get a Black gel/cream liner and I'm debating between the Bobbi Brown gel liner in black or the MUFE Aqua Black Waterproof Cream eyeshadow. Which one is darker (bcuz many look grey on my NW45 skintone) and which one stays on longer if u have oily lids like I do? Just...
  5. j4lyphe

    Dupe for MAC Malibu peach nail polish

    Hey guys do ne of u know a good dupe for MAC's Malibu nailpolish? I would get the MAC one but the colour goes on kinda streaky and I would like to find a dupe that applies better
  6. j4lyphe

    NW45 ladies- sheer foundation

    Hey ladies I was wondering what u guys like for a sheer-medium finish foundation? I want one that looks natural (and colour matches me- my mufe mat velvet plus is a smidge dark and the finish is more of a full-on finish, not natural for everyday, going to class lol) yet gives more of a matte...
  7. j4lyphe

    NW45 & NARS Gina blush

    Hey ladies so I just received my Nars order of Gina and Gilda blush...both look very "peachy" but Gilda definitely shows up on my NW45 skin while Gina looks like its not even there...Should I send it back (and get Amour instead lol) or should I wait for my Optimistic Orange Cremeblush to arrive...
  8. j4lyphe

    Nars Gina or Gilda for NW45

    I've convinced myself that I need another NARS blush lol- For NW45 skintone, which would work better Gina or Gilda? I want a matte orange/peach blush that doesnt look chalky on my skin...
  9. j4lyphe

    MAC Refined Deeper Bronze or BB Illuminating bronzer in Barbados

    Hey ladies I'm NW45 in MAC and was wondering if I shud get MAC's Refined Deeper Bronze or Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Bronzer in Barbados (NOT Barbados Tan)? I want a bronzer that has a some shimmer and those are the only 2 I can think of that I think wud suit me...
  10. j4lyphe

    Really black liner

    Hey guys I'm lookin for a really DARK black gel liner that won't budge. I've tried MAC's liquid liner in Bootblack but that looks grey on my skintone (NW45). Which is best, MAC Fluidline, BB gel liner or that new MUFE Aqua creme liner?
  11. j4lyphe

    NW45 and Chanel Mat Lumiere

    Hey ladies, was wondering if any of you have tried the Chanel Mat Lumiere foundation, what colour did u try and how is it compared to MUFE Matte Velvet (at the moment I believe #80 is my colour even though it is a bit dark on me but not horribly so since my neck is darker than my face...
  12. j4lyphe

    NW 45 & up girls- Coloured or translucent loose powder?

    Hey ladies I've been thinking about getting the MUFE Super Matte Loose Powder to use as another setting powder (I have the MAC prep & prime one but I also want one that's really mattifying...). I don't know whether I should get the Translucent #12 one or the Caramel #56 one....Let me know what u...
  13. j4lyphe

    NW 45 girls- MUFE Mat Velvet

    Hey ladies I'm NW 45 and I've been to Sephora where I've been matched with the MUFE Mat Velvet in 80 and 85 (I have oily skin). I don't know which to get as they both look good (I think). What do you NW45 ladies use in the Mat Velvet? P.S. for all other ladies wanting to know about the MUFE HD...
  14. j4lyphe

    MUFE/ MAC translucent powders?

    Hey, MAC has a new Prep + Prime finishing powder that looks similar to and is cheaper than MUFE's HD powder...wanted to know wat u guys think...
  15. j4lyphe

    Shrinking Nail bed

    Hey I was wondering if neone else was experiencing this...but I've noticed that my nail bed (the pink part) seems to be "receding" as in its getting smaller in comparison to the outgroing nail (white part at tips). When I was in high school my nail beds were much longer (like almost to the tip...
  16. j4lyphe

    Bronzer for NW45

    Hey guys jus wanted to know what bronzers wud suit me...shimmery or matte is fine as long as it isnt chunky/glittery
  17. j4lyphe

    Peachy looking blushes for NW45

    Hey guys I have a hard time finding blushes that actually show up peachy or coraly on my NW45 skin....I bought Cargo's Rome blush bcuz it looked so bright and coral but alas only the golden-bronze undertones in the blush show up hence I am only using it over other blushes to get that "glow":s...
  18. j4lyphe

    Hey I'm new:)

    Hey guys I'm new here on Spektra. My name is Alicia and I go to UF but am from Jamaica...I just recently became real serious about makeup (particularly MAC, NARS) at 22 (b4 I'd only wear it out 2 a function but now I'm trying to wear it more often) and it's great to be able to be part of a...
  19. j4lyphe

    NW45 and contour colour for cheeks

    Hey guys I want to learn how to contour but I have no clue what colours to use. Any suggestions are welcome and are NOT limited to MAC only, also wat r good colours for highlighting for NW45?
  20. j4lyphe

    MUFE Mat Velvet & Mattifying foundation

    Hey has neone tried the MUFE Mat Velvet foundation? I'm supposedly NW 45 (powder) and NW 47 (fluid) for MAC's Studio Fix line but I was wondering what colour I would be in the MUFE...Also is it Really Mattifying cuz I have crazy oily skin and I go to school in Florida and for vacation back home...