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  1. shyste

    My Kitty face of the day????

    Ok ladies I am gonna be brave & post my FOTD...recreated look from HK makeover... Face: Studio sculpt nw47 foundation Studio sculpt nw50 concealer Tippy blush~applied lightly Eyes: UDPP Fluidline~blue peep Too Dolly palette~all colors Penultimate liner~upper HIP gel liner~lower waterline...
  2. shyste

    Please don't be too harsh....

    Here is a look I did using MAC's french cuff, 100 strokes, penultimate eyeliner, Nars albatross on cheeks & as highlight under brow bone, l'oreal HIP cream eyeliner, studio fix fluid foundation, blot powder (dark) brunette msf on cheeks, live & dye l/g..Thanks for looking!
  3. shyste

    Yep I went ahaulin..check it out!

    Hey Ladies this will be my first haul posted here on Specktra...I think I am officially becoming a ......definiely a makeup addict!! the Bath & Body works items were from their semi annual sale Bath & body works items were all either $1, $3, $5..the ultimate body lotions were orig...
  4. shyste

    ????..How often do you change ur polish?

    I am just curious as to how often you ladies change your polishes? Right now I polish once a week...but I just got some new colors I want to try.....TIA
  5. shyste

    another newbie...

    Hello ladies..I am new to Specktra...not makeup! I heart lashes...I keep some handy all the time...I love MAC although my wallet doesn't..hehe...and in general quality makeup as a whole...wanted to join you ladies in this addiction called makeup....ok off to look around!