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  1. jeannette

    Viva Glam's new faces!

    The full story here: Credit goes to "stereo_rose" from LJ for the news alert!
  2. jeannette

    Electric Coral -discontinued?

    I googled but I couldn't find any information on Electric Coral: has it been discontinued or is it about to be discontinued? I heard from a friend that is, but I'm not sure. Thanks everyone.
  3. jeannette

    My poochi!

    He's 7 this year, and he's the LOVE of my life! Tong Tong, meet my favourite Specktra friends! Tong Tong Turns Turtle! " can you love this silly toy more than me???"
  4. jeannette

    Scarlit Lip Pencil - is this an Asian exclusive?

    Couldn't find the original thread, so I'm posting this here again. Sometime in December I asked about a MAC lip pencil called Scarlit which I picked up a few from a counter in Singapore, and after much searching and asking, a MAC SA at LJ (I can't say who it is) told me that she searched a...