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  1. TrusyMyEyes

    My First Photoshoot

    *I had these in say cheese..but figure since it had to do more with makeup it should be here. If I am wrong sorry. Move back. I just got the pictures from my first photoshoot that I did months ago. I see somethings..that I am like whaatttt? ugggghhhhh..what was I thinking did I blank out for a...
  2. TrusyMyEyes

    2 Item Haul Gone Wrong

    So I went in to MAC with the intentions of getting.. Mascara Wands and Blot Paper. For me. and A foundation and powder for my mom. I left with.. Blot Film Brush: 182 Stud Eye Brow Pencil Mattifier Gel Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NW47 Fluid Liner: Delphic Constrast: e/s Club: e/s (Is this new???..I...
  3. TrusyMyEyes

    Makeup I did for Two Friends for a Medical Banquent Here in LA

    This is Steph I did some MSF stuff that isn't showing up so it looks like they lack blush..but they had it on in real life. TRUST. This is Crystal ' I had such a fun time with these two chicas..we all go to school together..Everyone is coming to me for makeup purposes it's sooo funny.
  4. TrusyMyEyes

    Look with ALL NYX Shadows

    Yea,,I was just experimenting with my NYX shadows. I wanted to see if I could do something that didn't scream drug store makeup. Or maybe that's just how I see some makeup. Anyways thanks for looking. EYES: Lid-Kiwi Highlight-Mink Brown Crease-Deep Purple Deep Crease- Black Lashes-Mac Primer...
  5. TrusyMyEyes

    My friends makeup for her Birthday Gala.

    There was such a rush I only got two pics. One of her and another girl I did on the court. My friend had this huge party with a royal court, where she was the queen. Decorated venue, caterring, processional..etc...It was just sooo crazy..loved it. I colors for the event were pink and silver. I...
  6. TrusyMyEyes

    My Birthday and Other FOTDS (Pic Heavy)

    These are my B-day Photos. I was such a DIVA that day. Turquois (sp) is my color. Next day photos. Next couple days or something.. Looks super unblended. It looked fine it real life. But, I guess it wasn't. TODAYS FOTD And thats me...
  7. TrusyMyEyes

    MAC AND NYX HAUL + HUGE TRAINCASE (lots of pics)

    Well, I had to go to the pro store in LA eventhough I hate going. And I picked up a few things. This haul actually isn't that good. But, hey I bought it. Makeup Haul. 4 pairs of lashes, I thnk 20, 7, 4, and 12. Disposable Mascara wwands Teddy Eye Kohl Lip Primer Cotton Candy Paint Brush...
  8. TrusyMyEyes

    Mythology, Stila-Purple, and Orange

    I see my concealor booboo..I fixed it before I left the house. Trust. Oh and if you notice a shine or ashy film..its not foundation..just my sunscreen. I load it on. I liked the combo.. Yea..thats me..Love this posting stuff its so much fun. It makes you want to try new looks and...
  9. TrusyMyEyes

    Inspired by ilovedisneylands pink smoky eye tutorial.

    Well, I say inspired, because I didn't pull it off all the way. but I copied it as best as I could considering I didn't have all her products and some stuff just isn't cute on me. lol Heres her pic. I am sorry this look is the truth. Love her looks. Oh is this wrong to post her pic or should...
  10. TrusyMyEyes

    Resisitate Me Haul. 1 2 3 CLEAR (PIC Heavy)

    I really do have an addiction. Every two weeks I get paid and every two weeks I am in MAC buying up a storm. Around the 21 of May I will be back in MAC, buying loads of concealors. So look out for that haul Prepare yourselves. This is everything. Now lets break it down. Close your mouth...
  11. TrusyMyEyes

    First FOTD. Well TWO FOTD.

    Well, I got tired of seeing everyones FOTDS and getting great constructive criticism and improving over the months. lol So I figured I should post mine so I can get better as well, because as sonrisa said in one post the folks on spectra really give great advice. FACE: Mac Blot Powder- Deep...
  12. TrusyMyEyes

    Just Finished A Physics Midterm Haul

    So yea, I needed to stress reliever after my physics test. I had looked a mess for like 5 days studying for the test and felt that a makeup shoping spree (well on a budget) was deserving. Not everything is for me. I am an aspiring mua (according to my mentors) so some of the colors...
  13. TrusyMyEyes

    Doing A Gig: Need makeup advice. SILVER DRESS

  14. TrusyMyEyes

    Freelance MUA: Working With Salons

    So bascially I have started my own makeup services company. One avenue that I would like to take to reach potential customers and get my name out there is by having my business cards available at some of the hair salons here in LA with a small portfolio/ a single page of some of my work. My...
  15. TrusyMyEyes

    How much to charge?

    So, I am starting my own make up business. But, I don't know how much to charge. Info, I am a college student, I deal with mostly college students, so keeping that in mind..what should be my price breakdown? Oh, I also live in LA. -Trusy
  16. TrusyMyEyes

    Advice(Freelance Not Mac)

    Hola, Ladies and Gents! Well, I need some advice. I woke up this morning with the urge to try to do other peoples make-up and hair for profit. I have these revelations when waking up! lol I've always had this idea and wanted to do it but I am so scared. What steps should I take to start this...