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  1. Sexy Sadie

    Yves Rocher

    Hei. Yves Rocher has an amazing range of deep shades in their new foundation Zero Defaut Flawless Skin Foundation. Right now it is quite a cheap treat. Check it out. See them here.
  2. Sexy Sadie

    My lazy makeup

    This is my lazy no makeup makeup. Only liquid black liner on upper lashline and mascara, random brown eyeshadow on brows. Reddishbrown lipstick. Diorskin Star Foundation in 010, no blush, no shading, no highlight.
  3. Sexy Sadie

    Isadora Cosmetics

    Isadora Cosmetics a swedish brand has truly stepped up their game the last years. And the news for 2015 seems exciting. I am looking forward to the Armani Dupe foundation and the Spring collection that seem promising for us that doesn't have UD counters nearby. See for yourselves.
  4. Sexy Sadie

    Think Pink!

    This is my daily rutine these days. Takes 15 minutes to make. Eyes. Artdeco eyshadow base. Gosh Cosmetics Effect Powder in Rose Gold. Random black pencil on waterline. Random L'oreal mascara. Brows: Random Greyish taupe from Urban Decay. Face. Artdeco Makeup Base. Yves...
  5. Sexy Sadie

    Estee Lauders Double Wear Foundation

    Am I the only one swearing by this foundation when having a bad skin day??
  6. Sexy Sadie

    Greeny and some random light brown

    I did both my friends makeup and my own before we went out on friday, I smoked out some random light browns in matte and satin, the foundation is one layer with Chanel perfection Lumiere in B10. I did a heavy smokey eye on Ina, using Gosh Cosmetics Effect Powder in Greeny with bedheads Cosmetics...
  7. Sexy Sadie

    Yves Rocher Youthful Glow foundation

    This is one layer of Youthful Glow Foundation in Beige 000 from Yves Rocher. It suits my NW10 (mature combination skin with roscacea) skin perfectly. the finish is satin with a matte glow, it can be compared to Chanels Perfection Lumiere Velvet, but it is not quite that matte. It gives full...
  8. Sexy Sadie

    Yve Rocher

    I have ordered Yve Rochers Youthful Glow Foundation, corrected pen, and Radiant youth powder. This collection is new, cheap and my experience with YR has been very positive the last year's. They truly have stepped up their game. Any one of you placed an order?
  9. Sexy Sadie


    Any one of you heard about Glazel?` A new polish brand, the matte shadows seems to be awesome.
  10. Sexy Sadie

    A question

    Every year, in january there is a "nude collection", do we have that for 2013? And if so, can anyone point me in that direction? :D
  11. Sexy Sadie

    MAC for Marilyn

    Not quite sure about the language written but is this the collection that comes this fall?
  12. Sexy Sadie

    Release dates in Scandinavis

    Any information?
  13. Sexy Sadie

    Chasing the Fox

    Trying some of the more colourful Gosh effect powders these days. Face. Bedhead Cosmetic Foundation stick #01. Cheecks: Make Up Store gel highlight in Satellite. All this is set with Kiss Me Minerals finishing powder in Bare. Eyes. Make Up Factory eye shadow base...
  14. Sexy Sadie

    Gosh Spring Collection 2010

    Take a look. I want the darker quad, the blue and purple pencil and the nail polishes.
  15. Sexy Sadie

    Modern Marie Antoinette

    Face. My blend of mix 40/60 Bedhead Glamma Whipped #1 and Manic Panic Dreamtone in White on a cd that function as a palette. Consealer in green and lightbeige is already set on skin. Here I use Bedhead Wipe out consealer in Light and Artdeco in green. Just a little bit more of the white...
  16. Sexy Sadie

    Make Up Factory Lipsticks

    It was two for the price of one and I could not resist. Ten buddies I brough home. I same order as the image above. With flash Without flash.
  17. Sexy Sadie

    Showing off my Erika F

    Had to show off my wonderful Lancome Erika F eye shadow. Face. Artdeco green consealer on cheecks, nosewings and forehead. I mix a little bit of Manic Panic Dreamtone foundation in white with an even smaller bit of BedHead Cosmetics Glammar Liquid Foundation in Alabaster. Blush and shadework is...
  18. Sexy Sadie

    Brown matte look

    I had to try out the goodies from the haul of friday. Eyes. Make up Factory mono eyeshadows in matte formula # 39 (vanilla), ]25 (charcoal brown), 10 (chocolate brown). Gosh eyeliner in Copper Penny. ArtDeco Deepest black Mascara. Lips. Gosh lipliner in Toffee. Isadora Soft Touch Lipstick...
  19. Sexy Sadie

    Make Up Factory Haul

    It was two for the price of one for Make Up Factory and I head it right to the matte section and got three off them and one blush and one macara. A duo from Lancome had to come home from me.