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  1. Ambi

    Looking for a good unscented moisturizer

    I'm not allergic but I just can't stand most smells and we all know most high end cosmetic/skincare products reek like heck so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good moisturizer that doesn't have a strong scent, or even a completely unscented one. I have a combo skin, currently very dull...
  2. Ambi

    How to style bangs?

    Alrighty, I'm a little hair-stupid and I need help with styling my bangs, I'd like them to look natural, not like they're full of some slimey mess or dry and crispy looking [you know, too much hairspray], so what products do you use and how, blowdryer, a special kind of brush etc? To make it...
  3. Ambi

    Different looking font, is this E/S real?

    I bought Amber Lights from eBay [the seller has 1500+ feedbacks, 99.9% positive] and the sticker in the back of the pot looks different and the font is not the same as in the other shadows I have, the pot is identical to the other MAC shadows but could someone tell me if this is real or not...
  4. Ambi

    Help me choose a purple shadow?

    I've bought so many shadows that look purple but turn out violet on my lids which I hate, I want a shadow that's actually PURPLE, like deep red-ish purple, not even close to violet Star Violet, Nocturnelle and Plum dressing all look nice in the pot, but which of these is the most purple? Or...