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  1. Addicted2Shadow

    Metformin ????

    My doctor recently prescribed me Metformin. The first day I started taking it I was dizzy, fatigued, and nauseous. I've been taking it for almost a week and the dizziness has almost gone away but I'm still nauseous. Do any of you take this and have you had these same symptoms? Just curious...
  2. Addicted2Shadow

    MAC,NARS,Christian Louboutin <3 <3 <3

    Not a terribly huge haul.....But definitely one of my favs! From the top Clinique sample from Sephora, MAC PP Delft, MAC pp Artifact, MAC pp Rollickin', NARS e/s Rated R. Not sure why but I've been on a pp kick here lately. And last but DEFINITELY NOT least ...
  3. Addicted2Shadow

    My first FOTD....

    Ok, this is my first FOTD. Keep in mind both pics were taken with my cellphone in my bathroom,lol. Face~ MAC studio fix fluid NW20 MAC studio fix N4 powder MAC select moisture cover concealer NW20 MAC blush in Tenderling Eyes~...
  4. Addicted2Shadow

    what to pair with artifact pp?

    So , I bought two paint pots today. Rollickin' and Artifact. I'm really not sure what to pair with Artifact. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  5. Addicted2Shadow

    What eyeshadow to pair with a Hot Pink lip?

    I recently bought lipglass in Pink Poodle. I'm NW20 with freckles and I'm really not sure what eyeshadow would work with this without being too boring. Any suggestions would be great because I really want to wear this, it's sooooo pretty and bright. .
  6. Addicted2Shadow

    Cargo ?

    I recently bought an eyeliner set (swimmables ) that is Cargo. I LOVE these eyeliners by the way. I was wondering if anyone else has tried their other stuff? If so likes and dislikes?
  7. Addicted2Shadow

    NEW .... sorta :P

    Hi. I joined a long time ago but haven't really explored the site much because I'm usually busy.I'm from a small town called Pelzer, South Carolina. I'm completely addicted to M.A.C. I'm drawn mostly to the eyeshadow but I love it all !