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  1. shontay07108

    All Things Ulta

    Update: The set is gorgeous. I was having some buyer's remorse after I ordered it, but that's all gone now that I have it in front of me. These colors scream my name.
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    All Things Sephora

    Yeah, I get my samples by going in store too. This is the post that I saw:
  3. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    Here's what I got: Restocking on Brow Wiz b/c it's my HG even though I feel like I go through 10 of them a year and the MJ Coconut primer. It's made me a true believer in primers and I can't believe I have almost worked my way through my first bottle. I was thinking about the Huda Desert Dusk...
  4. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    My prayers have been answered! The new shades of the MUFE liquid lipstick are available on Sephora now. That means I can probably get to $100 and use the $20 coupon. Still sore that I can't get the face colors at the same time, though. ETA a pic of my order b/c I am excited (and I finally got a...
  5. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    It's not a sexy list, but I badly want it all. Plus, I see Beauty Blender is coming out with new colors and I want them for some reason. Aren't the KVD lip liners coming out soon, too? I think I want a couple even though I don't need them.
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    All Things Sephora

    This is what I got. The most important thing is my Clean fragrance. I am obsessed with that scent.
  7. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    That Skin Inc product is all Elegant's fault! ETA: I think I should just get samples of those Korres products to save myself some money (and the possibility of having to return it).
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    Kylie Cosmetics

  9. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    [/B] M301 is a reddish coral and C305 is a pinky coral \
  10. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    That looks so nice. I was wondering if it would be worth buying for me. I'd need to swatch it, but it's not coming to Sephora. I wonder if it would show enough to be worth it on my darker lips. Not expecting anything super pigmented, but it looks kinda close to my beloved Honeyflower by Mac that...
  11. shontay07108

    All Things Sephora

    Found it Speaking of rose gold, Elegant, sis, Nails Inc has a new rose gold polish on their site. I got it last week and I love it. You should check it out. :rolleyes:
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    All Things Sephora

    The shades are Pastille, Red Velvet, Pink Lady, Rosehip, Blood Orange (making a comeback) and a shade called Blanc which is supposed to highlight, contour and transform lip colors. Here are pics from Bite's instagram: Red Velvet Rosehip Pink Lady Pastille <3 Blood Orange Blanc I...
  13. shontay07108

    MUFE Fashion's Night Out

    Well, I didn't notice a post about this and being that MUFE is my favorite brand, I figured I'd go ahead and make a post. MUFE is offering 4 gorgeous special eyeshadow palette's for the big night. Purchase 4 shadows and you get to choose your own special palette. Here's a link to all the...
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    Leopard Luxe

    My favorite quad Style Predator(Lid) Notoriety(Crease) Furiously Fabulous(Outer V) Wild by Nature(Brow) Feline Eye Kohl(Waterline) Mufe Aqua Black Cream Liner(Waterline/Upper Lash Line) Chanel Inimitable Mascara Mufe HD Foundation Chanel Imprevu Blush Ben Nye Banana Powder Mac Moth to...
  15. shontay07108

    Think Pink

    Of course I'd choose to wear a summer look, but mother nature decided to make it feel like November here. I wanted to get my skills up before I posted another FOTD. I am pleased with this. All Mac unless noted Eyes: Lala(Lid) Very Violet(Crease) Shadowy Lady(Outer V) Chanel...
  16. shontay07108

    Exciting New Products at Sephora!!!

    There's a slew of brand new MUFE items at Sephora. I spy the metal shadows and brand new rouge lipsticks as well as some other items. I am so excited! I am about to check it all out now!
  17. shontay07108

    High Tea

    Ok, I've decided that I want to buy High Tea after much debate. I am NC45 and I know it probably won't show up much, but what the hell? I don't usually wear lip liner, but I was wondering if any of you ladies have a suggestion of which Mac lip liner would enhance High Tea, if at all? Thanks.
  18. shontay07108

    A Splashing Steamy Good Time

    Title Fail: I somehow confused Steamy with Love Lace. I don't even own steamy! LOL Face MUFE Face & Body #18 MUFE Full Cover Concealer #12 Mac Marine Life Highlighter Eyes Too Faced Shadow Insurance Mac Love Lace Mac Suave Intentions Mac RicePaper MUFE Aqua Eyes Pencil #12L YSL Mascara (Blue...
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    Nars blog post

    I just made a post about Nars on my new blog. It's swatches and my personal opinion of the several Nars items I own. If interested, the link is in my sig.
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    To the Beach Now

    Lame title, I know. Failed to think of anything better... Eyes: Mac Naked Pigment, Patina, Club and Tissueweight shadow Face: MUFE Face&Body #18, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Sun Rush Lustre Drops, Marine Life Highlighter Lips: Mac Thrills Lipstick Eyes: Mac Brown, Now GPS, Expensive Pink, Cut...