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  1. Karen_B

    No primer with Pro Longwear eyeshadows?

    Yesterday I bought a few of the pro longwear eyeshadows from last year, and the MA told me not to use any sort of primer underneath them or the staying power will diminish. Is this true? I have super oily lids and always use UDPP under eyeshadow normally.
  2. Karen_B

    Retro/pin-up look: which blush?

    I really like the retro/pin-up look with black eyeliner and bold red lips, but I haven't been able to figure out which shade of blush goes with this look. Any suggestions? (I tried searching but I couldn't find anything, this may be because I am not so good at doing searches.)
  3. Karen_B

    Election protests in Iran

    I guess nobody has missed the political upheaval in Iran the last week. BBC NEWS | Special Reports | Iran The whole affair has really touched me, and made me realize just how little I know about Iran and its history, in spite of the fairly large number of Iranians living in exile in Sweden. I...
  4. Karen_B

    Crimsonaire and Fresh Cement

    I bought Fresh Cement and Crimsonaire shadesticks ages ago, and have hardly used them because I don't know what looks good with them. Does anyone have a good suggestion? They are such nice colours, I hate for them to just sit in my makeup cupboard all abandoned! (I have looked at
  5. Karen_B

    MAC Items Being Discontinued (DCd) in 2009 Discussion

    Will Hyper real still will be available internationally do you think? I love that foundation, and there is no PRO store in my country
  6. Karen_B

    Difference between PRO and reg eyeshadows

    I am sorry if there is a thread on this already - I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Anyway, I am wondering what the difference is between the regular eyeshadows and the PRO ones. The pro products seem more vibrant (some of them anyway) but is there also a difference in texture? Are...
  7. Karen_B

    Flourishing. Help!

    I have had Flourishing e/s for ages now and I am damned if I know what to pair it with. I've only tried it with Petalescent, and it worked so-so. Any ideas for anything else? (I have looked at the MAC combo page but there were only 2 entries for Flourishing.)
  8. Karen_B

    US prices on Slimshines?

    I am wondering what the cost is for Slimshines in the US? They are not listed in the "Pricing" chart as far as I could see, probably because they are newer products. TIA!
  9. Karen_B

    MAC Face and Body, not for oily skin?

    I am going to visit a PRO store on my holidays (yay!) and thought I'd try the Face and Body foundation because I've heard good things about it. However, I read a thread where someone said it works best for dry skins. My T zone tends to get oily during the day, but I'm not super oily. Will F&B...
  10. Karen_B

    Fix+. Is it not just glorified water?

    I know a lot of people use Fix+, and sometimes I feel like buying a bottle. But then I wonder what it is good for, and if it's not just really, REALLY expensive water. What does Fix+ do? How do you use it? I know some spray it on their face to "set" their make up but I'd just be afraid to make...
  11. Karen_B

    Sketch. Is it worth getting?

    I've been eyeing Sketch eyeshadow for a while, but I'm not sure if I should get it or not. Is it worth getting?
  12. Karen_B

    Where to buy movies in New York?

    I am going to New York this summer for a few days, and would like to take the opportunity to buy some movies on dvd. I am looking for more "unusual" films like Asian horror and older horror movies like Night of The Living Dead. Does anyone know of a good place to go for these types of movies? TIA!
  13. Karen_B

    Favourite drugstore cleanser

    I am very sorry if this has come up before - I tried doing a search but couldn't find anything, but I'm pretty bad at doing good searches, so... LOL! Anyway, I was wondering what everyone's favourite drugstore facial cleanser is. I'm running out and I need to get a new one that's good and...
  14. Karen_B

    Nice Vice and Rollickin'

    OK, so my MAC counter still has Nice Vice and Rollickin' paint pots from the Fafi collection available. I swatched them in the store the other day and they are both so pretty, especially Nice Vice. But what to use it with? Those of you who bought Nice Vice, what do you combine it with? Thanks in...
  15. Karen_B

    Sharskin or Blackground?

    I have been thinking about getting a black base for some fun looks, especially for smokey eyes this would be practical. But I am unsure which is the best base. I know many people like Sharkskin shadestick, is this better than Blackground paint pot? What would be your recommendation?
  16. Karen_B

    Shockwave-Fafi Eyes 2

    I got the Fafi Eyes 2 quad, and I quite like it. The 4 colours work really well together. But I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the orange shade, Shockwave, apart from using it with the other e/s in the quad? From what I hear and see on swatches it is identical to another DC...
  17. Karen_B

    What is your favourite color to use with...

    ... Golden Lemon? I got this pigment yesterday and it is gorgeous, so I am anxious to try it. But I could use some ideas on what to pair it with. Anybody got any? TIA!
  18. Karen_B

    What is good from Revlon?

    I am going abroad in about a month, to a country that has Revlon products. Is this a good line? What is worth getting from them? TIA!
  19. Karen_B

    Urban Decay liquid foundation

    Has anyone tried it? opinions, comments...? Is it worth the price?
  20. Karen_B

    Dupes for Antiquitease MES

    I don't know if this has been posted previously - I have looked but I have a bit of a cold so my brain is feverish and impaired, and so I may have missed it - but what are good dupes of the holiday mineralize eyeshadows? I will not have the money to buy all the ones I feel are prettiest, which...