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  1. BlackUnicorn

    So far, so good.. so what?

    Hey guys. Made a new tutorial, this time about evening wear, a dark-green smokey look. I "Made it up" when i went with my fiance' to "The Ugly Truth" with Kathrin Heigel and Jerard Butler (). I recommend it warmly - really funny and not cheesy at all. Anyway, I Hope you'll enjoy the...
  2. BlackUnicorn

    Diorshow Iconic vs. YSL Everlong vs. Diorshow Backstage photographed review

    Hey I was asked by my friends on another forum what's the difference between Diorshow Iconic and Backstage, and so, i've decided to picture my own eyes so you could see the differences for yourself. I don't think there's much to explain I didn't use a lash curler so you could see if the...
  3. BlackUnicorn

    Smokey-Silver TUT. loads of pics, detailed explanations!

    Hey guys, here's a tutorial for a smokey-silver look. hope you'll like it! i didn't picture the items i've used except for the e/s, i hope you're fine with that.. What i've used: Face: Photofinish Smashbox Primer Studio Fix Fluid NC25 Select Cover-up NW25 Mocha Blush Strada Blush Eyebrows...
  4. BlackUnicorn

    natural look with browns and pinks - loads of pics!

    hey guys! items i've used: all written in the pic, except for the lipgloss from barbie which is on the 2nd pic (forgot to pic it the first time) open items: the horror: now, take some fix+ and spray 2-3 times from 20-30cms on your 182 brush. apply studio fix fluid on the back of your hand...
  5. BlackUnicorn

    My first TUT! Colorful shiny TUT - have fun :)

    Hi guys.. i read specktra for a long time but i never get to write here... i come from israel and we have our own israeli makeup forum in which we usually chat, talk etc. ANYHOW ( ) - lets start this, shall we? those are the items i've used, though i forgot to photo my 266 brush and my mac...