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  1. xjslx

    How long would 5 grams of MAC pigment last if....

    ... you only used it on the eyes 2x's a week? Just need to know if I should get a back-up jar of said pigment, thx!
  2. xjslx

    MAC Myself l/s: how does the color compare to L'oreal Fairest Nude? ++

    Myself has been so hard to get, I'm pretty hopeless at this point. Trying to find a dupe to satisfy my craving. How does L'oreal's Fairest Nude compare? Or does anyone have any recs for lippies that come close to MAC Myself? Ty!
  3. xjslx

    Recs for a good MAC Myself l/s dupe?

    Kicking myself for missing out on Myself l/s.... just saw youtube vid & swatches of it now It sucks when this happens! Any rec's would be appreciated!
  4. xjslx

    Heard Mauvement pigment's being repromoted? If yes, when??

    thx in advance ladies...