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  1. vixo

    Contouring Question

    I wanna buy something for contouring my face - I'm NW 15. Should I get something like Sculpt powder or a matte bronzer ? I was also considering getting a dark shade ccb, but since I don't own one, I don't know how well they blend. Do you guys have any thoughts / suggestions ?? Thank you !
  2. vixo

    Mocha or On A Mission Blush ?

    I am looking for a blush and I'm not sure which one to get (I don't have a MAC shop in my town). I'm NW15 and would like a pretty blush, matte, more subtle, not too pinky. I'm not a peachy color fan, I prefer more plumish tones. I like the swatches of Mocha and On A Mission. What do you guys...
  3. vixo

    Matte Gel (matte creme matifiante) question !

    Hi Guys ! A friend is travelling to Us and I'd like to ask her to get some mac goodies for me (I don't have mac shop in my town). I have very oily skin and live in a very warm city so my make up looks very messy after a few hours ! I don't use any primer but I'm considering getting matte...