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  1. nettiepoo

    Spartacus: Blood & Sand

    Wow! Is about alls i can say about this show. When I first seen the previews of it I was like violent, but my husband said, "Lets give it a chance" After that, the rest is history. Im so lusting after Andy Whitfield..he is sooo gorgeous and built just right ...He is currently having...
  2. nettiepoo

    MAC Fix Fluid help....PLEASE

    I really like my studio fix fluid in nw 25, having problems with it sinking into the fine lines (around eye area) and looking cakey making me look really old. I desperately need some help from the great specktra ppl. That being said any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.
  3. nettiepoo

    help with the 188 brush

    Im having a problem...i recently bought the 188 brush fom my mac store and i like it but it seems like it takes forever to put my foundation on with it. The mua said that i could use it with foundation, blush and msn. Anyhoo, im thinking about exchanging it for the 187 cuz it looks bigger and...
  4. nettiepoo

    Hubby driving me nuts !

    Im bout ready to pull my effen hair out !! my husband has been out of work for about 2 weeks (hes self employed) and he is driving me CRAZY! It came a huge snow in my neck of the woods and we have been trapped together in our house and things are getting pretty tense. If i cant get out of the...
  5. nettiepoo

    my little discovery

    Im not sure if this is the proper place for this so please feel free to move if needed, i looked around and wasnt sure. I got bored this evening and decided to play with my makeup and while i was doing my eyeshadow i used a few brushes i havent used in a while, they were A) elf shader brush B)...
  6. nettiepoo

    Mac Holiday pigment collection

    Um..not sure if this is the right place to ask this so if not please move it to correct location. Anyhow, Iv been lemming over the 5 haute hijinks pigment 09 holiday coll. and would like to know what you spec tras think about it. Iv only seen it online but they look gorgeous,btw i think one of...
  7. nettiepoo

    Dupes for fling

    Is there any dupes for Fling, the eyebrow pencil ? I really like it but, it dosent last me that long and its kinda expensive **Thanks in advance**
  8. nettiepoo

    Sookie Stackhouse Novels

    Which Sookie Stackhouse book is your favorite or least favorite and why? And, What character would you like to sink your teeth into?
  9. nettiepoo

    Favorite Mac neutral l/s + l/g

    Iv been told ima NW20, so what is your favorite Mac neutral or nude l/s and l/g
  10. nettiepoo

    So confused???

    Hmm, Im kindof confused here so maybe you guys can help me out. My mua told me I was an NW20 in studio sculpt foundation, well i took the sample home and tried it and it looked too light and kind of cakey on me, also confusing is a diff mua matched me with NW20 concealer its select moisture...
  11. nettiepoo

    Coppering help

    Hello Loveeys! im kinda bumfuckled now, i recently got coppering and need some recs. to wear with it. BTW im a blonde, green eye, ligh to med. skin tone. All recs. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. nettiepoo

    Merl Norman foundation?

    I have been in love with makeup forever and have tried just about all foundations besides a short few, but I keep coming back to Merl Norman Total Finish, it seems to give me everything i need in a foundation, although I would like to find a nice applicator brush instead of washing the sponge...
  13. nettiepoo

    Wow!! Big Hair

    HAhaha!!!! I just got through looking at some old photos and dude I gotta say I lOVe the BIG hair, I hope it comes back with a vengence cuz I can rock some big hair now!!!The amy winehouse do kinda made it popular again but I personaly am not crazy about it...So lovely ladies, who feels the same...
  14. nettiepoo


    Hey all, I just got my udbos 2day 4 my b-day!!!! So Happy with the colors they r so gorgeus, So what do u think about e/s combos for this particular pallet?
  15. nettiepoo

    recs 4 GBS e/s

    I recently got the gilt by assoc. LE e/s, I also purschased sketch, anyhoo im wondering what ur recs. r 2 wear w/GBS, at first i didnt like it but iv been playing a little bit w/it and love it so yea!! SOOO what doya think?
  16. nettiepoo

    NEED HELP with NEw eyeshadow!!!

    I just purchased some new e/s 2day @my local mac store, sketch and the new gilty by association ( which i dont think i like it, 2 much glitter fall-off) my question is which e/s could i wear with sketch? I have the following shadows already: shroom, all that glitters, satin taupe, twinks...
  17. nettiepoo

    SOA Rulz!!!!

    I started watching this show last year and i imediatley fell n love with it. I think Jemmas bad a** attitude is great...female poWer LOL and Jax is so cute. Im glad that FX green lit this show again this year cuz after the shield and the supranos got cut I was like OH NO!!! now what..and then...
  18. nettiepoo

    True Blood Fang Banger

    Ah...True Blood, Love that show it is my favorite show of all time with maybe a minor exception 2 Buffy. For those who havnt seen it ugotta I absolutley love Sookie and Eric. The show comes on HBO it is now sadly off-season but will be back new in June 2010. It revolves around Sookie Stackhouse...
  19. nettiepoo

    Hello from TN

    Iv been looking at this site 4 a few weeks and decided 2 join yesterday,like most of yall Im into mac cosm. I also use other high end prod. I guess u could say im a "searcher" so, yea hello from the big orange Oh BTW my name is Lonetta glad 2 have a place 2 gab about makeup yay!
  20. nettiepoo

    Help me I NEEd more eyeshadows!!!!

    Hello fellow mac lovers, recently i purchased satin taupe, all that glitters,shroom and twinks, now i WANt MOre cant help it! what other eyeshadows do you think would give me more options with what I already have? 1. I have blond hair,hazel-green eyes with firey flikers (so iv been told)...