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  1. Miss_Behave

    Viva Glam Event Amsterdam *pic*

    I just got back from Amsterdam and I had soooo much fun!! Of course I had to go to the MAC Store, actually twice , and they had a Viva Glam event there with a DJ and dancing girls in the window. And the MAs were awsesome!!! Everyone was sooo nice, especially the second girl fom the right. I...
  2. Miss_Behave

    ..::Poison Ivy or being green::..

    Hey Ladys! So after poppy z reminded my twice she likes me better in greens I thought I do a green look for the office today. well I was pretty colorful with my red hair, green e/s, yellow shirt and green pants thanks god they're all used to me for 5 years, because I'm nearly the only one who...
  3. Miss_Behave

    ..:: Something to go with my O ::..

    Hey my lovely ladys I bought O yesterday and since I'm at home today I thought I'll try something to match it, and especially something that isn't blue like my make-over yesterday LOL the blending is crap but oh well here we go anyway Face: Stila TM Chanel loose powder MAC Tenderling...
  4. Miss_Behave

    ..:: I survived my MAC makeover ::..

    ok at first I have to say: I look awful in blue eyeshadow! I always feel like a clown with it. So I went to my first MAC makeover today and the MA asked me what kind of style she should do on me and I told her whatever she liked and that she can go wild, and of course she picked a blue e/s!! I...
  5. Miss_Behave

    I need lipstick recs!! pretty please? :)

    Hey Ladys, I really need some MAC lipstick recs because I have a make-over on monday and I want to buy something and since my counter doesn't have pro-pans, paints or pigments I thought I'll buy some l/s normaly I'm a nude lipstick girl so anyother rec would be great because I don't really...
  6. Miss_Behave

    Another brush question: 224 vs 222 and 217

    ok so I'm brush nut, but do I realy need the 224 brush if I have the 222 and the 217? I use the 217 for blending and the 222 for crease work. So what's the big difference to the 224 and is it really a must have? it looks so big for crease work
  7. Miss_Behave

    Ultracheek finally arrived in Germany

    thought I let you know, since it took aaaaagggeeesss!!! even studio fix was earlier
  8. Miss_Behave

    ..:: It's been a while ::..

    Hey Ladys, it's been a while since I posted a pic, and even these I don't really like, seems like I just can't take a decent pic at the moment even if I like my make-up, all the colors are washed out ah well, anyway here we go something from last week Face: Studio Fix Fluid NC15 Artdeco...
  9. Miss_Behave

    What to pair with Old Gold pigment?

    I got an old gold sample and I'm absolutely clueless what to pair it with. It looks bright neon green on me when I use it with fix+. How do you use it??
  10. Miss_Behave

    Foundation Confusion

    ok let me start with: I'm confused. I never bought any MAC foundations because I heard that a lot of people break out from it, but I tried some in the store and two MA matched me with NW15 (though it's a bit dark for me in winter) I'm reeeaallly pale with freckles and have rosey undertones (a...
  11. Miss_Behave

    Thoughts on 242 brush?

    what do you use the 242 for? can I only use it with paints and cream products or is it also a good e/s brush? I only use my fingers for paints and CCB so I only wanna buy it if it's a good brush with e/s if ya know what I mean
  12. Miss_Behave

    And another list without pics yet :) My half year collection

    Ok, I haven't took any pics yet but here's a list Green Palette Velvet Moss, Swimming, Pickle, Bitter, Overgrown Femme Noir, Fiction, Greensmoke, Scarab, Sumptuous Olive Club, Vex, Amberlights (Amberlights doesn't belong here, but my other palette is full ) Browns/Neutral Palette Velour...
  13. Miss_Behave

    How do we like Nars brushes?

    anyone uses Nars brushes? I found some pretty cheap ones on ebay, from on of my favorite sellers...
  14. Miss_Behave

    Kid Kat Lipstick - LE or dc'ed?

    I got Kid Kat Lipstick as a present I never heard of it, is it dc'ed or from a collection?
  15. Miss_Behave

    Need help with Hepcat

    I really need help with Hepcat, it's such a pretty color but it's hard for me to work with it, probably because it clashes with my red hair. Any tips for a nice combo that would work?
  16. Miss_Behave

    Bronzer for a whiter shade of pale?

    Ok, I'm aspirin white, which is ok during winter. but even if we had snow today I believe spring will be here soon so, what's a good bronzer for really pale ladys?
  17. Miss_Behave

    Favorite Kiehls product?

    Besides my new MAC Counter, there also opend a Kiehls counter in my city. What are your favorite products? Is there anything worth checking out?
  18. Miss_Behave

    Studio Touch-Up Stick Pics!

    Don't know if this has been posted yet but here we go
  19. Miss_Behave

    My own MAC counter and news on new MAC Carry All Bag and the Cologne Store

    I GOT MY OWN MAC COUNTER !!! Today the first MAC counter opened in my town I and was sooooooooo excited!!! Normally I order over the phone from a freestanding store and I'm so happy to be able to see all the products IRL now. I'm still happy, but it was a bit of a let down too, because they...
  20. Miss_Behave

    MAC Cosmetic Software

    I don't know if this is the right place - Mods, feel free to move. Ok, my boyfriend wants to program a software for my make-up, and I'm thinking about some features that would be cool. I'm sure there are tons of features I can't think of, so I'm asking you: what should a MAC software do? my...