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  1. revoltofagirl

    All Things Sephora

    made another order... I love the oil infusion lip in iced coffee so I got a backup and sin ce they're on sale decided to try out the warm colors too. I decided to finally get the cheekathon palette because it's such a good deal!
  2. revoltofagirl

    All Things Sephora

    My order. :)
  3. revoltofagirl

    All Things Ulta

    I have been going CRAZY at ULTA these last few weeks... with the 20% coupon I got: then I got "200 bonus points on $45 order" and "250 bonus points on $25 neutrogena" AND it's my birthday month (2x points!) AND I just got my ebates so I redeemed a giftcard with ulta for an extra 10%...
  4. revoltofagirl

    All Things Sephora

    Placed two orders. I'm getting a LOT of sunscreen!!! so ready for summer!
  5. revoltofagirl

    All Things Sephora

    I kept taking items in and out of my cart and couldn't pull the trigger. Finally decided to be "good" and only get "needs" (the KVD polish is my one "fun item") ha. I wish there were better sample choices and I already redeemed the tarte mascara perk in store (I was worried it might sell out).
  6. revoltofagirl

    All Things Sephora

    Stila Firenze is back in stock! from @dontcallmejesse instagram
  7. revoltofagirl

    I am Stila girl of the week!

    stila cosmetics - Stila Girl of the Week - 2009_14 - Stila Girl of the Week - 2009_14 as a perk for our stila girl of the week, we're giving you a personalized coupon code to share. it's good for 20% OFF & FREE shipping on any order of $50 or more. share with all your friends but...
  8. revoltofagirl

    Barbie loves Stila smudgepots!!

    stila cosmetics - what's new - Barbie2122 Loves Stila Smudge Pot these are gorgeous! I want all three! I wonder if I should wait and see if it comes out at sephora/or they have a sale?? I especially want the purple one. I planned on getting cobalt sometime but this one is shimmery <3 and black...
  9. revoltofagirl

    stila sale!

    got another email from stila, they put some things up for sale, check it out: stila cosmetics - summer love
  10. revoltofagirl

    question about lip polish!

    I was just wondering if the lip polishes are sticky like the lipglazes?
  11. revoltofagirl

    stila summer sets!

    hey guys, I just got this email from stila that has a bunch of sets with the summer products (some of them paired up with non-summer products) check it out! stila cosmetics - summer sale 2009
  12. revoltofagirl

    A Summery Sunday :)

    products used: smashbox photo finish light primer urban decay primer potion stila illuminating tinted moisturizer in shade 01 tarte cheek stain in tipsy rimmel eyebrow pencil in hazel (I probably should've used my black one but I didn't want it to look too dark) mac eyeshadow in juiced stila...
  13. revoltofagirl

    put me in the spotlight!

    so I just received my beautycrunch order in the mail today so of course I had to play! most of the products I used are from the stila "in the spotlight" set. please ignore my hair. lol. products: smashbox photofinish light primer urban decay primer potion stila illuminating tinted...
  14. revoltofagirl

    new smudgepot color

    Sephora: Stila Smudge Pots: Eyeshadow new smudgepot in pomegranate (burgandy sheen). has any seen it in person, bought it, etc? I wonder how vividly it shows up on skin??
  15. revoltofagirl

    do you wash / rinse out your lipglaze?

    this might be a silly question but I was wondering... do you / should you wash or rinse out your lipglazes after each use?? do they ever get gunked up or clogged?