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  1. Babycakes

    Japanese Makeup Haulage!

    Im taking a big step by looking outside the M.A.C box! Who would've thought!! Recently my intrest has been piqued to discover japanese & korean makeup. Theyre so cute & cheap too (as long as its not some jacked up site) You can find alot of cool brands on blogs like lotus palace,and...
  2. Babycakes

    Fafi Look By My Bf!! Must See,lol!

    hIYA! I've been wanting 2 do a fafi look,like the fafinette dolls,but I decided it would be more fun for my Bf 2 do it! I gave him a picture,brushes,and traincase + let him go to town! Lmao.. I think he did pretty good for his first makeover! Lol..In his pic I put on studiofix liquid +...
  3. Babycakes

    *DrEaMz 0F TrAnSceNdEnCe*

    Hello ladies! I've been lurking here,wanting to do more FOTD's,trying to get my makeup skillz up 2 par..also made the transition from blonde 2 redhead.. So,always fun 2 play w new makeup for a new look!~ Make-up : {from what I remember} MAC Bare study Paint pot MAC Nylon...
  4. Babycakes

    M.a.c Interview @ Nordstrom's..helpp!!

    Omgsh, so I finally went for it,and submitted my resume to a mac @ nordstroms that I frequent practically everyyy week..the manager has seen me plenty of times,I did the for Nordstroms,and I got a call from the cosmetics manager,wantng me to come in tomorrow @ 10:30 am! Im stoked...
  5. Babycakes

    *LiLaC DrEaMz*

    Hi lovely ladiez, This is my first FOTN! Please be gentle :] Many more 2 come.. I can't quite remember what all I used,it was some time ago,ill give it a try~ Critique would be appreciated! xo I used: Lovely Lily Pigment Viz-a-violet Black tied (outer corner) Iris eyes fluidline...
  6. Babycakes

    Make up Brand used at Glamour Shots?

    Hi all- I was wondering which brand of makeup is used at Glamour shots Photography studio..and where I can purchase it. Any info would be appreciated! TIA!