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  1. saniyairshad

    BOLLYWOOD CELEBRITY: Rani Mukherjee's Make-Up Breakdown

    SOURCE There's this wonderful blog where this wonderful girl posted a breakdown of Bollywood's celebrity Rani Mukherjee's MU. Isn't she gorgeous???? This is a great look with soft, smokey brown eyes and understated lips. If you've read any interview where either Rani Mukherjee or the make-up...
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    Bollywood and the make-up they use

    I love Bollywood, and Khamila, girl this is for you... I am sooo obsessed in knowing what they're wearing...LOL SOURCE Ayesha Takia: Blush-on, mascara and mocca lipstick from Mac and chapstick from Molten Brown is what I dig for. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Cheery by Christian Dior and True...
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    Go Mac!!!!!!!!

    Equality Forum Gears Up for Annual Event in Philly link A lesbian icon and a cosmetics company will be the recipients of leadership awards at a weeklong gay civil rights forum in Philadelphia that starts Monday and runs through May 6. Over the past 15 years, Equality Forum has grown from a...
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    Which MSFs are coming out this summer?

    Do any of u wonderful ladies know which MSFs are coming out in the summer? *MODS Im not sure if there's a post about this already, if there is one, please delete!*
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    Is this Vaseline on her eyelids to make them appear sooo glossy or are there any eyeshadows that have this kind of finish?
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    Kelly Carlson from Nip/Tuck

    Article's looonngg...but this woman is f-ing gorgeous!!!!!!!! SOURCE Retail workout spurs a big M.A.C attack Hanging around Mendocino on Bloor St. chatting with Kelly Carlson, who plays Kimber Henry on Nip/Tuck, can be detrimental to one's credit card. Ye gods, deliver us from temptation...
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    Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

    Check out the site: Site Link Check out their pigments: Pigment Link Have any of u wonderful ladies tried these?
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    Bobbi Brown Subforum

    Hey mods could we start a Bobbi Brown sub-forum? TIA
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    ELF tips for the skin:)

    I got this in my email today!!! Need eye makeup remover? Use a dab of veggie oil on a tissue to remove No moisturizer? Use Cool Whip to hydrate ur skin Stubborn Make up? Remove makeup with Crisco ~who knew? So i guess we all know what to do when that stubborn liquid last liner will not...
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    General FAQ: How long does it take a package to arrive from Canada to the US?

    The girl that I placed the order with said she shipped my package out on the 14th of March, and it still isn't here, today's the 30th of March. How long does it normally take? TIA!
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    The Hills

    I love this show. Any other Hills lovers?
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    Spring makeup mishaps, miracles

    SOURCE: LINK Don't believe everything you see; makeup companies like M.A.C and Rimmel are touting brights and frosties in their advertisements across America, but these looks aren't right for most girls. Frosty eye-shadow covers the lids of Kate Moss in a recent three-page Cosmopolitan ad for...
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    Cosmetics market grows as more young ladies wearing make-up

    SOURCE:LINK Taiwan's cosmetics market has grown in recent years with more and more Taiwanese young ladies, especially those born in the 1980s, preferring to leave home wearing make-up, a representative of the industry said yesterday. According to the representative, the annual revenue of...
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    Tokidoki for LeSportsac ‘Ciao Ciao Large’ Flap Bag

    With all the tokidoki stuff coming out this is absolutely adorable!! here's the link I can see the pic but apparently most of u so here's the link
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    I'm a sucker for leopard print and this bag just spells out HOTNESS!!!
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    Who do u think the next VIVA GLAM VII Icon should be?

    Ignore this post...
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    La Femme Cosmetics Glow-on Rouge Kits And Blush-on Rouge

    Has anyone heard of these? Thanks in advance.
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    MSF palette

    Wouldn't it be coool if MAC came out with a palette to de-pot MSFs in? kinda like wht they have for blushes
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    What collection is this palette from?

    Does anyone know which collection this palette is from?
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    Grammys' MU Breakdowns!!!! Part 1

    link to original article Key makeup looks for spring Make-up artist to the stars KAY MONTANO guides you through the A-list looks you'll want to copy this season CATE BLANCHETT: The Serene Siren It was way back in 1993 that I started maximising shine on the skin...