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  1. chaut_01

    Adam Walsh Child Protection Act

    i dont know if this has been posted yet (i tried looking for it, so if it has already been posted this can be deleted) Kim elaborates it more better than i can..but the act is supposed to require sex offenders to register in their states so that people can access their information and help...
  2. chaut_01

    "Disaster Movie"

    this movie sucked booty. its one of those movies where whatever you see in the commercials is IT! what a waste of money and time! i could have took that 19 bucks (paid for my bf and i) and bought an eyeshadow or lip glass at mac!!! has anyone else seen it?
  3. chaut_01

    can you imagine.....

    getting so pissed cause someone stole your parking spot?? i thought i never would...until sunday..went to the mall and it was packed like always since the grand opening of the new part of the mall. finally found a spot the guy took his sweet time getting out then when he finally did this car...