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    °O. wet eyes while or after makep up .O°

    Aloha girls! So I have a problem with my eyes! I´m not especially sensitive but I´m nearly crying when I work with my make up and no matter if it´s pigment or not. Do you have an advice or a solution for that?
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    °O. Chinese Sunrise .O°

    Aloha! Today I wanted to wear my asian Jacket and for that I need a special Make Up, not so typical chinese but in my way! Face: Oh my God... I have an allergic probleme at the moment. Sorry... Shame on me! So I used: Les Météorites de Guerlain; Breath of Plum Blush (I love it!!!!) Eyes In...
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    °O. Living the Mythology .O°

    So today I wanted to wear something a bit soft... Face: Cream day (Evian Affinity) Les meteorites from Guerlain Divinora radiant blush Beige plein vent n° 525 Eyes: in the order untitled paint Fairylite (pigment) Jest Gleam Mythology Brown Border eye liner (untamed) Ostentatious eye liner...
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    °O. London Calling .O°

    Aloha Girls! So today I was in a english mood... a lil bit because of the weather Face: just a cream day, the meteorites from Guerlain and sweety blush "Praline" Fron Agnes B. Eyes: in the order Mac concealer untitled paint Graphito paint Fairylite (pigment) Sunnydaze (pigment) Sunpepper...
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    °O. My First FOTD: Put the accent on Red .O°

    Aloha! Here ist my first FOTD... I don´t like wearing pink on eyes normaly but I´ve done a nice association between the colors and I used: Face: only a cream day from Biotherm and The Meteorites from Guerlain. Eye : MAC Concealer untitled Paint Fairylite (Pigment) Accend Red (Pigment)...
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    Aloha! :)

    Hi ! I´m Magaly, a 28 year old french girl living in Germany. I´ve discovered Spektra and M.A.C with a friend of mine and I´m pretty surprised of what people can do with Make up. I have to confess I´m totaly addict of Misschievouz and Hyperealgirl. Both have done really great things! Go on...