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  1. DanaB

    I love photoshop!

    these pics are of my ever growing baby belly at 29 weeks. i want a lot of pics of it before it gets masacred by stretch marks! lol mommy and daddy's hands just mama's hands 29week belly
  2. DanaB

    LOOKY what i got!!! from my man

    EEEKKK!!!! i would have posted earlier, but my internet at home sucks and i couldn't upload the pics. Ryan asked me to marry him on christmas eve. first, he asked my dad's permission ( a little back asswards, seeing as i'm prego! LOL) then we went home and at around 11:30pm, he blindfolded me...
  3. DanaB

    new belly pic - 25 weeks - 6 months prego

    i'm now 25 weeks pregnant! and getting soooo excited. he's jumping around like crazy in there! lol it's pretty awesome. the other day, i had ryan, my SO, come to watch my belly while the baby was kicking. and he kicked me the HARDEST he's kicked yet. rocked my whole belly! so cool. ryan was...
  4. DanaB

    Dick In a Box

    funny video - reminds me of old school videos NKOTB or Colour Me Badd hehe
  5. DanaB

    need some advice - problem with a friend

    k. i need some advice. i had wrote a while ago about me and a friend of mine having differing parenting styles. while that is not a problem, the fact that she tells me that she parents the "right" way, meaning that if i don't do things her way, i'll be doing everything wrong. i think that is...
  6. DanaB

    Hating life today

    i just need to vent a little. hope y'all don't mind! lol i'm just in such a rotten mood right now. i deposited my weekly paycheck into my bank account and i still have $-150 in the bank. my boyfriend on the other hand has $5000. i have always wanted to pay half of our bills, but it's just...
  7. DanaB

    LOOKY LOOKY what i did!

    fairly simple, but i hadn't done it before, and didn't really know what i was doing! lol but i'm gonna blow it up and have it framed for my nephew.
  8. DanaB

    horrible nite at work - cramping like crazy - pretty scary

    i work full time at an office and part time on weekends at a restaurant. i worked yesterday at the restaurant, and the only put on 2 servers on sundays. to cover the ENTIRE restaurant. no bartender, no door person. that all falls on the 2 servers, me being one of them. i have complained about...
  9. DanaB

    Suicide - Do you feel for them or do you think it's selfish?

    A good friend of mine killed himself last week. He decided that life was too tough, for whatever reason, and strung himself by a pair of jumper cables, in his mother's house. His little brother found him, crumpled at the bottom of the stairs as the cable broke. He died on Nov 16/06. 2 years...
  10. DanaB

    It's A ......

    BOY!!! ain't he a cutie! he's 6 inches and 8 ounces. look at his little nose! i can't wait to meet him. just thought i'd share the first good pic of my son! MY SON!! hehe
  11. DanaB

    16 weeks preggo and my belly is HUGE! pic*

    at least i think it is! but i love it. i've been stick thin my whole life so it's kinda crazy to see a belly on me! but it's my baby, so it just makes me ridiculously happy. my SO is amazed by it! just stares at me alot. LOL so cute
  12. DanaB

    Parenting Styles - does it cause a rift?

    my friend and i have completely different views on parenting. she is of the scholl of natural parenting, whereas i am not. she does the whole co-sleeping, non-circumcising, homeschooling, attached parenting approach. i am quite the opposite. i will be circumcising my boy if i have one. my kids...
  13. DanaB

    2 eotd's

    these are 2 eotd's i had last week. i swear it was better blended in real life!! this one is melon, tan and vanilla pigments this one is golden olive, some green from maybelline and vanilla pigment sorry so small! i resized them too small apparently! LOL
  14. DanaB

    i HAVE to tell someone!!

    after 6 months of trying, i took a HPT this morning and...I'm PREGNANT!! i'm so excited. i'm going to the doctor's today to have it confirmed, but i just know it! my hubby and i want to wait to tell our friends and family, but i don't know if i can keep it a secret! i'm way too stoked! the...
  15. DanaB

    newbie FOTD

    this is my first time posting a pic. i stole this look from someone else (can't remember who, but thanks for the idea!) i'm a broke-ass so these colours are not by MAC, just a pallat from elite pro that i got off ebay - $30 for 78 colours!! can't go wrong! take it easy on me! just starting to...
  16. DanaB

    rant about double standards! don't mind me! lol

    i am a smoker. why is it that people can make smart comments to me about smoking ("that's not good for you, you know") but if i comment back it would be construed as rude? i am also painfully thin. not by my own doing either. i have just always been skinny. all of my life i've gotten ignorant...
  17. DanaB

    songs that put you in "THE MOOD"

    just wondering if there are songs that are an instant turn on for you, or songs that you equate with a sexual experience? Closer - NIN - lost my virginity the day i first heard that song! lol If You Can't Say No - Lenny Kravitz Pony - Ginwine Too Close - Next Weapon - Matthew Good Band Alice...
  18. DanaB

    newbie question!

    hi people! i'm new on spectra, just been lurking for a while. wondering if any of you have some advice on what product i can use to control my hair. it's fairly straight, but when it's hot and humid, my bangs (side-swept, grown out, about to my chin) turn into spiral curls. only my bangs. think-...