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  1. claresauntie

    My 1st FOTD here - melon and night light pigments = love

    Eyes- Prepped with MAC's Painterly Paint Pot. MAC's Melon Pigment used with MAC Mixing Medium - Waterbased and applied to the inner 1/2 of the eye above and below the lash line. I also brushed it all above the crease, but not all of the way to the brow. Using the Mixing Medium again, I put...
  2. claresauntie

    Most cliche'd day at MAC ever?

    The only thing missing in my day yesterday was a transvestite. I worked on 2 free makeovers ("um, thanks. i'm not going to buy anything today. i'll be back later..."), had countless Oh Baby! sales, was told what to do by one of my customer's friends, and did makeup on 2 hookers and a drag...
  3. claresauntie

    So what's the big deal about Shimmer Bricks?

    Why do ya'll like 'em so much??? They don't do anything for me, so just curious.
  4. claresauntie

    Share your crazy theft/shoplifting stories!

    A post in this thread got me to thinking about how much I enjoy hearing shoplifting stories... (I do NOT condone shoplifting at all, but I love hearing "stupid thief" tales). So... anyone in the mood to share a wacky shoplifting or theft story? I don't really have a good story, but I do know...
  5. claresauntie

    Shadesticks to be discontinued?!?!

    Does anyone know if there's a rumor (verified or not) about these hitting the Chopping Block anytime in the near future? We haven't gotten shipment of these in awhile, despite being completely out of some of them. And when I mentioned it to my supervisor, she said she had heard they were...
  6. claresauntie

    Am I the only one....????

    ....who loves the Balloonacy photo? I think it's awesome. Not a look I could carry off myself, or that I'd WANT to carry off, but still an awesome look IMO. Who's with me???
  7. claresauntie

    Demo tomorrow @ Nordstrom MAC counter

    So I have my demo at Nordstrom tomorrow! I've also asked to see if they can schedule the interview/meeting with the manager of the whole store for around the same time, since I have to leave work to do this. So, maybe by the end of the day tomorrow all of the interview bits will be behind me...
  8. claresauntie

    MAC interview this morning- what happened.

    Hi, all. I had an interview today at the local Macy's MAC counter. They're hiring for either a PT position (about 15 hours) or a freelance position. My husband and I need me to have a FT position, so I'll have to keep my current FT job until I can get something FT at MAC. So, since I work 40...
  9. claresauntie

    Gah! MAC interview on Monday. Send me good vibes!

    I don't post EOTDs and FOTDs, so many of you don't know me, but I am here a lot and have been posting fairly regularly. So... Could ya'll send good vibes towards Richmond, VA for my interview on Monday!? :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  10. claresauntie

    Am I the only one who sees this??? re: Brit and Anna Nicole

    Why don't I hear anyone talking about post-partum depression with either of these poor women? Am I the only one who has thought about this??? I really think Brit is terribly depressed, from everything I've been reading, and god knows Anna Nicole had a double-whammy with delivering a baby and...
  11. claresauntie

    MAC: # of hours if perm employee. (sorry for so many ?s)

    Does MAC ever hire someone as a perm employee with a full-time schedule, or do they generally give you fewer hours and make you "earn it"?
  12. claresauntie

    MAC: perfume?

    Do you have to wear MAC perfume when you work for them? Just wonderin'?
  13. claresauntie

    Join in, please: Today is great because ----?

    I hear so much negativity all day long... how stressful! I'm sure ya'll experience the same thing!? Today, a friend had a loved-one die, and she was struggling with that news and trying to remind herself that there are positive things in the world. So, I thought I'd play Pollyanna and...
  14. claresauntie

    M.A.C. employees: lips!?

    OK, is the M.A.C. lip look an industry secret or can you spill?: How is it that every female M.A.C. employee I have ever seen has, in addition to crazy-hot eye makeup, impeccable lips!? What I see: beautifully lined and filled, rich color and amazing, stunning gloss. I can make my lips look...
  15. claresauntie

    MAC policy- applying Liquidlast Liners?

    Hi, all. Another question prior to my possible demo interview... How do you apply Liquidlast and remain sanitary? At home, I tried to dab some on my hand and apply it with a different brush, just to play, and it dried so damn fast I couldn't get it to work well. So I'm hoping that's not...
  16. claresauntie

    demo interview- what are the common mistakes?

    So, for those jobs that require a demo during the interview process, what are the common mistakes (or even not so common ones!) that aspiring artists should prepare against!? Help a sistah out!
  17. claresauntie

    MAC policy question re: hands

    Hi, all. I'm applying at MAC and was just wondering if someone could satisfy my curiousity: Is there a rule about how you must keep your manicure? How 'bout wearing rings? TIA! *jen
  18. claresauntie

    Porcelain Beauties: Best blushes and eye m/u colors?

    Hi, my fair friends. Just curious if you have any woes picking blushes? I don't, really, because it's just a matter of intensity of application for me (I'm cool-neutral), but I know some gals seem to have problems being overshadowed by their color choices... Thoughts??? (Editor's note...
  19. claresauntie

    Porcelain Beauties: Rants and Raves for foundations

    Kicking things off with another subject: I have a hard time finding a foundation that works for me. How 'bout you? I saw some mutterings about this in our first thread, so let's chat about it! Right now I'm using M.A.C. Studio Tech in NW15, which is a pretty close match if used with a light...
  20. claresauntie

    Porcelain Beauties: New threads just for us!

    Thought we could start some threads just for us, to show how much interest we really have in a new forum that specializes in cosmetics concerns for :arrow: Women of No Color. So, to really emphasize it, maybe we could preface any thread titles with "Porcelain Beauties" or something of that...