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    blue greenish uggs

    My daughter's teacher had on a pair of tall Uggs in a pretty blue greenish color. Does anyone have any idea when these came out? I doubt I could find a pair though :(
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    lexapro and panic disorder

    Does anyone take lexapro?I was prescribed it and I am nervous about taking it, what side effects did you have on it? Anyone else have panic attacks or panic disorder?
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    Revlon New Complexion Compact Creme Foundation

    I love this foundation soooo much. I have it in Natural Tan (I'm NC42). It is one of my favorite compact foundations. I am a compact foundation nut...but I refuse to get expensive ones since I finish them in as fast as a month. This foundation applies well, offers medium to full coverage (more...
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    StarsMakeupHaven (SMH) blush palettes

    Hi! I wanted to know if anyone has SMH 8 pan blush palette. I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the Mac one and this cost around $13 with shipping. I'm curious to know if the Mac blushes that have magnets on the back fit well into these palettes. The palette is magnetized. I have the SMH...
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    cleaning your brushes with facial cleanser...

    I really don't know where to post this... I just started cleaning my brushes with a drugstore version of noxzema. I was getting tired of my brush cleanser and brush shampoo not cleansing my brushes enough. I hate when stippling brushes do not look white Anyway,I decided to try the noxzema stuff...
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    cashflow paintpot dupe

    Hi Does anyone know of a dupe for mac cashflow paintpot?Thank you
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    Liberty of London

    [color=Magenta][font=Trebuchet MS]Ok so I placed the order today after checking everyday to see if it was up....soooo happy to see it up on Tues!!!! I ordered all the lippies but the bright pink one since it looks like Gladiola Also got English accents lipglass, shell pearl and one of the...
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    How to attend launch parties

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me insight on how I can get invited to a launch party. Also I would love to know how to get the mac postcards (the new ones not old ones). I usually buy stuff online and I rarely visit the store but I live near a lot of Mac's. Thanks
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    Spring Forecast Haul

    I got all 4 blush ombres (waiting for springshine to arrive) I got hot hot hot, and lala. I didn't like straw harvest so I returned that and I had to return fresh salmon lippie. I also got ember glow but that has not arrived yet either Bubblegum lippie is my fave so I got 2 This is the most I...
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    Reccomendations on Mac Goddess blush dupe and Tiger Tiger l/s dupe

    Hi! I am in love with the swatches for Tiger Tiger lippie and Goddess blush. Does anyone know of any dupes?4
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    Revlon Gucci Westman collection ***mint green polish***

    Does anyone have info on this collection? I want to make sure I check it out the day it hits stores so I can snatch up the mint green nail polish and the lilac.
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    Lavanilla Vanilla Spice

    This is my new favorite perfume, it smells exactly like it sounds, a spicy vanilla. If you like VS Heavenly I think you will like this. This is a better vanilla than the body show and BBW. My other fave perfumes are My Insolence, Hanae Mori Butterfly and BS Fantasy/Midnight Fantasy
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    love lace haul

    i bought hypnotizing, intricate and utterly discrete, i love them all. Hypnotizing is one of my fave e/s. I don't think I will get much from warm and cozy. CVS has 75% off tons of makeup and I bought almost $70 worth. My fave so far is the loreal color juice lipglosses and milani nail polishes