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  1. LavenderPearl

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2019

    i don't even care -- i want all of them :twirl::dance: fur4elise (i forgot how to tag, i'm sorry), sounds like this release was made for you! :D
  2. LavenderPearl

    ♥ LavenderPearl's Makeup Declutter :: Updated 01.07.17 ♥

    Welcome to my (WIP) sale! PLEASE NOTE: My feedback can be found here. Items are coming from an animal-free, smoke-free home. Payment will only be accepted via PayPal invoice -- for your protection and mine! Total price will be: item price + PayPal fees + shipping (including tracking). Photos...
  3. LavenderPearl

    ♥ Lavenderpearl's ISO :: Updated 2.1.19 ♥

    ♥ Lavenderpearl's ISO :: Updated 5.20.19 ♥ ISO the following items BNIB, BNNB, or lightly used. Note that I do have various animal allergies, and would prefer a smoke-free home. Open to both swapping and purchasing via PayPal invoice. Feedback information can be found here. KEY: PRIORITY |...
  4. LavenderPearl

    What is your makeup kryptonite?

    I feel like for the most part on here we tend to be equal-opportunity beauty lovers. :haha: But do you ever find that you have a bias towards specific beauty products? Or better yet, specific colors with different product types that always make you weak in the knees? No matter how many dupes you...