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  1. wonderdust

    Mufe Green Eyeshadows

    I'm really likeing mufe eyeshadows atm but I'm yet to purchase any in a green shade. Pay day's coming and I might treat myself to a few. Have you got any favourite greens you'd recommend?
  2. wonderdust

    You Tubes Panacea81's makeup line, By lauren Luke

    Panacea81 has done really well for herself and is introducing her new line of make up later this month. The concept looks interesting with primer, eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks and eyeliner in the one palette. I like the look of the green palette (I'm a sucker for green) and the smoky one so...
  3. wonderdust

    Mufe HD

    I was just browsing Makeup Artist provisions Makeup artists provisions website and noticed they now have the HD foundation (in limited shades), the HD Primers and HD powder, now available to buy. I've been lusting after this foundation for a while so I'm glad it's finally available. Hth
  4. wonderdust

    Hello from a UK newbie!!!!!

    Just thought I'd say a big Hello. I'm a very recent convert into the world of MAC and makeup in general, so I'm learning loads from this site. Loving what I'm seeing /reading already. I'm really looking forward to being part of the Specktra community. Take care. Wonderdust x