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  1. foxxylatina07

    Mariah My Mimi EDSF BNIB

    I ordered this from Macy's thinking I wasn't going to get the one from Nordies so I'm putting the one I received from Macy's for sale. I'm asking for $50 shipped that is all. Happy Holidays!
  2. foxxylatina07

    Is this website authentic? Please help!!

    Ok so I really want a pair of chocolate UGG boots and I came across this website: UGG Australia Boots - Classic Tall - Chocolate UGG Australia Boots - Classic Tall - Chocolate - UGGae store I wanted to know who's real good at spotting fakes. I mean 90 bucks sounds real good versus 180 at...
  3. foxxylatina07

    Which MAC blush is a closer dupe to NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat?

    Hi my Specktra family, I was wondering which blush is the closest dupe to NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat. I hear so many different answers: Gleeful, Dainty and I think Sunbasque. Please post your answers here TIA
  4. foxxylatina07

    Sexy and Natural look

    Hello my Specktra girls so I decided to post some pictures with two different looks. One with some nice eyeshadow and the other a natural daytime look. Im started to learn how to apply my eyeshadows but Im not too keen on wearing eyeshadow everyday only when Im in the mood for it. The lighting...
  5. foxxylatina07

    My Lovely Colour Craft Haul!!!

    So I was so excited when this finally hit the MAC PRO store and go it there (since it comes out first there) I saw it and this was my expression LOL Then I waited until the 9th for it to hit MACY's and the freestanding stores and bought the rest of my things Porcelain Pink MSF Sunny by...
  6. foxxylatina07

    How do you feel about people that hate MAC?

    Ok so I went to the MUA makeup board just now and I read some harsh things that these ladies wrote about MAC. It really boils me up that they talk about it so badly. I had to get out before I told somebody off. They make it sound as if MAC is overly expensive and that it's crap makeup. I...
  7. foxxylatina07

    A little of everything

    So I was looking through my 'Headshots' photo album and decided, "Hey why not post FOTD pics since I haven't done it in a while." So here are a couple of pics different lip colors, wearing MSF, blush, foundation and I guess that's it. Yeah I was bored. LOL Bear with since I can't remember most...
  8. foxxylatina07

    My Latest Haul. Lots of Pics

    Okay ladies so I have been on a haul binge and I've been meaning to post pics up but I haven't really had the chance to because of my baby. I bought some stuff at the CCO, which I never do because I don't go often. Keep in mind that it took me a while to do this. Ok here are my pics. Enjoy...
  9. foxxylatina07

    Up the Amp and Pink my pout.

    So yesterday I went to out with my hubby and I decided to wear my Up the Amp lippie. I took a couple of pics. I took these without the flash because I didn't want people to think that I was crazy. LOL Everything MAC except certain things. FACE: MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC40 MAC So...
  10. foxxylatina07

    Two FOTD

    Ok so these pics are not so special and I just wanted to post about to l/s that I have that are DS brand so.... Here it goes FACE Sally Hansen Carmindy your skin makeup foundation in Tawny Beige MAC So Ceylon MSF Wet and Wild Heather Silk blush LIPS Revlon Mauve it Over NARS Sweet Chrarity...
  11. foxxylatina07

    My not so perfect smokey eyes. LOL

    Ok so I decided to do this smokey eye thingy. It's not the best but at least I tried. Hopefully next time I'll be better at it. CC welcome please be nice. LOL Eyes UDPP as a base HIP Shady e/s HIP cream e/l in Black Diorshow Iconic mascara Face Revlon Colorstay in Natural Tan Wet and Wild...
  12. foxxylatina07

    1st FOTD pics various looks

    So this is my first time posting pics of makeup that I have done on myself. It's not much but I wanted to show you guys what I look like. LOL 1st Look Face MAC SFF in NC40 MAC Sweetness BPB MUFE HD powder Eyes UDPP as base HIP Flaymboyant e/s (only the purple side) HIP cream e/l in black...
  13. foxxylatina07

    Hi I'm Foxxylatina07 and I'm new