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  1. GreekChick

    Tree growing inside man's lungs.

    Daily Express | UK News :: Surgeons find fir tree growing in man's lung A FIR tree has been found growing inside a man’s lung by surgeons who operated for suspected cancer. After the patient complained of serious chest pains, doctors started to remove what they thought was a lethal tumour. But...
  2. GreekChick

    Hello Kitty for MAC video!

    "Hello Kitty come insiiiiiiiiideeeee!" Too damn cute... So have you guys seen the Hello Kitty for MAC video? YouTube - MACcosmetics's Channel
  3. GreekChick

    Change in the MAC toolbelts.

    I'm posting this to let you guys know that the MAC toolbelts material has been changed. And I hope it's only temporary because this is the worst quality material I have ever seen. If you're ever at MAC wanting to purchase a toolbelt, please make sure to ask your artist to give you a leather...
  4. GreekChick

    The Ped Egg!!!!!!

    Has anyone seen the TV ad for the Ped Egg? It looks icky and painful right? Well, it is so amazing! I went ahead and purchased one after reading some recommendations on the MUA nail board. It is basically like a callus "grater" and is shaped like an egg. The dead skin is accumulated inside...
  5. GreekChick

    MAC Bridal Video

    Gordon Espinet came to Canada, and shot a video in which does bridal makeup. He offers tips and suggestions on how to achieve that perfect angelic look. Here is the link. Enjoy! | video library » here comes the (beautiful) bride (There are two parts to this video.)
  6. GreekChick

    Flapper hairstyles in the Roaring 20's

    This Saturday is Halloween Theme Day at my counter. This year, we all decided to represent a decade, from the 1920's to the 1990's. Well, I'm going to be the flapper. My costume is ready: I have the big feather headband, and boah, with the fishnets, and the swingy dress. The only problem is...
  7. GreekChick

    MAC employees: Following trends.

    As we all know, MAC is a fashion brand, and is known for staying ahead of the trends. MAC artists are suppose to have a unique sense of style, following the trends, with some avant-gardiste ideas thrown into the mix. How do you manage to stay trendy, season after season? Doesn't it get expensive...
  8. GreekChick

    Men not interested in sex? Wha?

    I have been with my SO for about 2 yrs now. Like all couples we have our ups, and we have our downs (Alot of downs. Probably more downs than ups). We're really into eachother, and still have that passionate can't-stop-looking-at-you-or-keep-my-hands-off-of-you type of spark. One moment we're...
  9. GreekChick

    Zipper Necklaces

    Vanessa Yanow's Zipper Necklaces: How do you feel about these? I have a love/hate relationship with them. On one hand, I love the fact that they're original, uncoventional, and best of all, NON-trendy, but on the other hand, I'm...
  10. GreekChick

    I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

    If you were a huge fan of the Spice Girls but never got to see them in concert, well now is you chance! The Spice Girls have reunited, and have announced a world tour. I use to copy the grunge style, but when the Spice Girls came out, it...
  11. GreekChick

    What not to do during your interview...

    My manager interviewed a girl last week. It was the second, one on one interview one has to go through before getting hired to work for MAC. It started out well, and really professional. By the third question, the candidate started sobbing. My manager, confused and shocked, trying to refrain...
  12. GreekChick

    Who is she kidding?!

    Avril Lavigne that is! According to Avril, the lyrics and tune for her new hit "Girlfriend" were composed while she was drunk at a party somewhere. ....Uum, yeah. The chorus of her song is identical to that of the Rubinoo's 1979 song " I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". Full story here...
  13. GreekChick


    How far does yours go? One minute I am lashing out at my bf (strangely, only comments directed towards him, and no one else: having doubts where we're going, etc etc..) and the next I am literally ON him, laughing at his jokes, looking into his eye, getting all teary, telling him how much I love...
  14. GreekChick

    Sex and the City fans....

    I just finished watching all the seasons. The series is finished now, but god, WHY BIG?? WHY?? I was obsessed with Aidan hehe, he was the perfect guy! So, all you SATC fans out there, who did you prefer (not that it matters anymore, but heck for the fun of it!) Aidan or Big?
  15. GreekChick

    Expensive Lingerie

    First and foremost, if you wan't to be mesmerised, go here: I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it's worth paying alot of money for lingerie when I can go to Victoria's Secret and pay much less? I'm always passing by lingerie shops that have an expensive "Agent...
  16. GreekChick

    Laser Hair Removal

    Have you tried laser hair removal? Did it hurt? How much did you pay for each session, and how many times did you have to go back until the hair was all gone? I have had the laser procedure on my upper lip. The reason I'm asking this is because I've gone to at least 7 sessions, and there are...
  17. GreekChick

    What keeps a relationship together?

    How come some relationships outlast others to the point where we tell ourselves "Wow, they have been together X years, that's crazy!" Do you really believe that a couple can last for so many years, all the while being 100% into eachother? You can be with the most amazing person in the world, and...
  18. GreekChick

    Balloonacy Quad!!!

    I just want to say the Balloonacy quad is soooooo gorgeous!!! The stand-out color from this collection is the purple eyeshadow (Violet Trance). This is the truest purple MAC has ever created, and on the eyes it's just so stunning!! I can't stop obsessing! I really think you guys are gonna...
  19. GreekChick

    Do you believe in tarot/psychic readings?

    This tarot lady was recommended to me by a friend, apparently she was very accurate in her reading. My friend was in shock. So just for fun I decided to test it. I went with my boyfriend, and we both decided to do a "couple reading". She had us pick three cards each, one after the other. She...
  20. GreekChick

    Relationship blahs