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  1. lumaday

    MAC Styled in Sepia

    Selling 1 used MAC Styled in Sepia. Photos show it next to 2 MAC lipsticks only used 3 times or so to give an idea of what's left. Purchased this about a year ago from a secondary seller for a high markup and only used twice myself - it's just not my shade but I know someone could give it a...
  2. lumaday

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    Got to play with the new additions! I didn't think I'd love CLF since I don't wear red much but wow, it is stunning. I think this red would look great on anyone. I'm also really liking DOY. I swatched it next to Eugenie and they didn't look like dupes on me. Eugenie is more purple and DOY is...
  3. lumaday

    MAC Faerie Whispers Collection (Dec 23 / 26, 2015)

    Here are photos with and without flash. Linda is more shimmery and peach than CP. I absolutely love Linda but CP isn't working for me, it has more of a brown tone to it. Hope this helps! CP on left, Linda on right: Linda on left, CP on right Linda on bottom, CP on top